A certification that means something

I guess your right Doug,
I thought maybe I could share some ideas, but as the saying goes. “I’m doing this chicken, you just hold the head”

GUess I will just sit back and enjoy the flight.

I havent peeked behind the curtin yet. Is it scary?

You are getting very close Sean.

Once you realize what Doug is telling you is true, you will have seen the Mighty OZ. :smiley:

It is Nick in a Speedo, Wellington boots, a gold chain and sunglasses back there. It ain’t pretty.

Got to get a better term than “certification”…there was an ad on a local TV channel earlier for women’s undergarments claiming their staff were “certified bra fitters”…the term has been abused, overused and blown out of the water!!! Every body is certifying something without having any idea what rigorous and defendable accreditation is all about…and that includes most HI orgs, here included.

Oh MY GOD!!!
Forget home inspections…
I am going to become a CBF tomorrow…My dream has come true :stuck_out_tongue:

Ain’t it so true???

I have argued with Nick about this before. He just does not get it. Nick’s goal is to make this organization into a school. He did it. Now what?
You can be the most educated inspector in the world but that does not make the phone ring. If you are not a good marketer, NACHI will not help your business. That is why I think A$HI is still around and will still be around. In my opinion, Nick is going about taking out A$HI backwards.
Maybe Nick does not think he can beat A$HI in their own marketing game?

As far as I know ASHI gave up the “branding” thingy years ago, continuation would have led to bankruptcy and Nick is smarter than that. :wink:

I think Nick is just too scared.:mrgreen:

This whole thing is ridiculous. Logos don’t really get you anything except maybe personal satisfaction…now smoozing that will get you business! End of story. :wink: