From yesterday’s inspection…repo house. This was the only heat source, YIKES!! I didn’t even fire this guy up, new owner has no choice but to replace (insurance).

Here is one from the other day. I couldn’t get this one to start either because there was no oil in the tank. Can you take a WAG what my recommendations were to the client?

GEEZm whats it going to cost to have it hauled out?

Take apart as much as possible and stick it in the corner of the basement.:smiley:

LOL…are you a Philly boy Dave? That’s pretty much what they do around here in those older row homes with narrow stairs.

Looks like all the asbestos was removed.

It only needs a little sandblasting and some high temp paint
and it will be good as new. LOL

Its funny you say that- i actually dismantled my old boiler into as many pieces as i could and used 2 wheel dolly to get it to the alley. Those junk truck guys must have gotten a hernia.

We still come across them in Binghamton. My bigest concern is when the home owner removed all the asbestos. How much of the asbestos dust is in the basement I am inspecting.