A curious question - How many inspectors have a CCW permit and carry?

Thank you to all who responded. I was just curious, I figured many carried. Nice to know many do. I like the 9mm Glock or 9mm S&W Shield.


No Robert, we don’t.
The guys working in the cities sometimes encounter bad situations but most of us don’t need to threaten to shoot anyone to do our job. I’ve yet to read a post by any inspector who’s had to shoot someone (although there were some who were almost shot by homeowners).

This isn’t the movies. If you shoot someone, you’re in deep chit until you show that it was necessary. I’m pro-carry, but as an inspector, you better know what you’re doing when it comes to carrying a weapon.


When I was in my early 20’s I was a scout/sniper in Vietnam and saw a lot of carry (not concealed).

Since then I don’t like loud noises and guns scare me, I think I would prefer a machette for close work.


I love Glocks but even the Baby Glock (Glock 26) is a bit bulky for carry. The 9mm S&W Shield is a reliable weapon and compact to carry in most all places. If you can’t do it with 7 rounds (1 in the chamber, 6 in the mag) then you shouldn’t be carrying anyhow. So the Glock extra capacity and +P doesn’t matter.

After shooting the Sig P365, S&W Shield, and Springfield Hellcat, I settled on the Hellcat.

It is smaller than the Shield and still shoots great. It comes with a 13 round + 1 magazine and a 11 + 1 magazine. More than likely, I will carry with the 11.

Wow!! I’m thankful in Calgary, a city of 1.4 million that I don’t feel the need even if I was allowed to carry a firearm. Gun violence is very low partly due to Canada’s strick gun laws. God bless Canada :canada:


I have my CWP and have the gun in my truck at all times. If I’m on a remote inspection by myself I always have my two friends with me, Smith and Wesson.


My wife’s carry…nice pistol!

Taurus 9 slim fits on my ankle pretty good.

In Texas I’m sure a bunch carry. For the guys asking why. Have you inspected a foreclosure with a homeless person living in the home? Bill


Texas is such a great State! :grin:

I have a permit and always conceal carry when on the job. And I also open carry much of the time.

I’m glad I was packing it when I was approached by what I found out later found out was a paranoid schizophrenic at an inspection. Long story short, police are worthless in protecting you from a bad guy. I did call 911 and it took the cops 18 minutes to respond (the length of my call) even though I was 4 minutes from the local PD, and only 3 minutes from the jail and County Sheriff Office. Why did it take the cops so long to respond? Because they waited down the street till three officers could all arrive at once to back each other up, …So don’t get me started on if I back the blue…

As far as what I might be carrying…

I do have a permit and yes I carry.

Living in Florida one must assume that each and everyone you come in contact with is carrying, it’s a simple philosophy which promotes politeness as you progress through your day.


I never leave home without it. My 9MM that is, also my small 380 that I call my belly gun. BTW being retired is so great I should of done it sooner. No more reports or silly questions like {would you buy this house}???

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Yea Charley!
Be well.

Glad to hear your retirement is going well, Charley! Good to see a post from you again! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear from you, Red Hat! :grin:

To our friends to the North (Canada), do you feel better knowing that a 6’-5" psychopath could beat you to death because you are not allowed to carry “the great equalizer”? You say gun crime is down due to strict gun laws? Is ALL gun crime “0”? Is violent crime down? We don’t need to be threatened by someone with a gun to justify using our gun, we just have to be in fear for our life or great bodily harm. Do you sleep well knowing that someone or two or three could just kick in your front door and you cannot protect yourself? You think the RCMP will be there in 1 minute to save you?
I drive through LA, CA a lot and feel more comfortable knowing that I am not riding alone, but have Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson with me.

Hi Larry retirement is great, bought a 5th wheel and doing a little traveling. Took two of my grandsons and went up thru Yellowstone . I have to many animals to stay gone very long at one time. Dan and I still talk on the land line occasionally and I listen to him complain about bad inspectors.

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