A Mikey Holmes inspection .. well Bubba has a problem with his pffft 'waterproofing'

6:50 mark in video, water in basement, apparently ONLY this one area… yeah sure it appears most or all of the water is first entering through, around, just under the stupid az basement window BUTT (head), there is a hairline vertical crack so, NOTE— the basement is about 6 - 6 1/2’ DEEP, from bottom of window to floor, folla? …FF to…

14:35 mark, ok so they remove some of the DECK, shows them hand digging, shows they dug about 2’ deep - say again 2’ deep… n they slap on black membrane (am assuming the slapped something over bottom of window, duh)…

…then they put in a stupid vertical drain tile + my used sock from when i was 13 (folla? lolol),
then says they’ll put moron window well in

Well J Kristmas you moron, if you are going to tear apart some-all of a deck in order to hand dig and seal that basement window etc then you should NOT have taken any chance that the crack is NOT part of the problem, or could be in future (could widen Canada friends eh), so dig it ALL the way DOWN to footing and waterproof that area, that entire crack, then backfill the entire-trench with ALL gravel! smfh incompetent morons.

i bet they charged MORE than Bubba would have to hand dig it ALL out, all the down n backfill with all gravel and got a risky, half-azzd job from Mikey n fwwiends.

Is that the same as Holmes Inspection Company?

Bubba TINK so lolollllll Mr Goldy – doesn’t Mikey charge like $1,000 or lil more per inspection? That’s what i heard — for THIS? hahahaaa

does Mikey come to FLA and do homie-inspections bro?

A few years back Holmes came out to do Ellen Degenerous house for her friend.
Mike bailed after 4 weeks, said the California codes were too idiotic and he could not build a house following those codes and the architect plans. You may have all seen that little special. When holmes bailed out they continued filming without him but gave him the credit when a few local boys really completed the home.

lol William, all i know 4 sure is after watching several of HIS leaky basement videos, he/they are incompetent on this subject, he puts in INT system when homeowners problems were 1 crack in poured wall (water entering through crack) and water entering through a basement and water entering above ground openings into house, he/his boyz still put an INT system in = KNOTHEADS. The fix/solutions were so very obvious to anyone who does this job.

‘Botched basement’, may have been the title to his video, again there were several… one of his jobs, they dug an entire side out and put ALL the clay soil in backyard, along open trench and they KNEW it was going to rain and they left the 7’ deep trench open overnight, it CAVED IN hahaha, yard was a mess etc, horrible, negligent bulshtt, yes sir. (they only needed to hand dig one 5’ long area, was 1 crack in wall but yet dipstick dug entire wall out, poured wall)

check that, was called ‘flooded foundation’, lol i cannot find that video hmmm, too embarrassing apparently, total screw up

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Thank you Goldie-dude! yeah i just found video myself lol all good

Mikey shows us 3 main areas that leak…

2:20 corner, crack that was previously injected with epoxy lolol (Homeowners were told by BUILDER that exterior waterproofing was NOT necessary!!!) smffffffffffg

2:50 basement window area, can’t see enough to tell IF there’s a crack in wall

2:55 electrical box area, appears to be a crack here

can see some rod holes were prev-done, they leaked… and now some other rod holes in other areas may also leak

Mikey starts yapping about WEEPING TILES ahahahaa, he is WRrrrrrrrong!

7:30 Mikey says they will do 3 ENTIRE sides… why? Show us why man. Show us the other possible cracks in F wall, i doubt they exist i mean come on, video is 20 minutes plus, he could have shown us other possible cracks, leaks, i vote bullshtt.

9:50 see how they rig the AC unit?? ahahaaaa smfg, Mikey - disconnect the dang thing and move it away from work area you incompetent moron! He brings up saving homeowner money? lolol Appears to me YOU did 3 entire walls that was NOT at all necessary!!! Talk about THAT money sheesh

11:25 tarps!

11:30 CAVE in!!! He says tarps helped… HUH? WTF you talking about, it caved in!! smfg

…Mike says 'Clay, this is HEAVY" ahahahaaaaaa yeah HEllllllllllllllllllloooo? DUH! smfg

12:20 2ND CAVE IN

12:35 see crack in bank-soil? Dig that shtt out you moron! Risky to leaver it like that, duh!

14:10 SHORING!!! For someone who talks about shoring… eh, the way these idiots dug this, even WITH shoring there is NO way i’d allow my guys in these trenches, idiots dug it like rookies

14:40 soil on DRIVEWAY! smfg total ignorance

16:45 soil and gravel on driveway and grass! ahahahhaa complete shtt bombs man!!! Use the damn STREET Mikey!!!

17:10 Mike says, they will backfill with 24 INCHES of gravel, smfhhhhhhhhhh, so they’ll backfill with 5’ of CLAY!!! BIG mistake, BIG lol yep

17:20 pushing clay in

17:55 lollolllllllllll Oh man, and some HERE talk about Me??? REALLY???


This job and those in it, screwed up BIG TIME, total incompetence

So to sum up this loser video/job, IF… repeat IF those 3 areas all had a crack in F wall then, from what is shown in long video, only needed to waterproof about 15’ in length, NOT 3 entire SIDES!!! hlll no.

Unless there are MORE cracks in walls elsewhere n i highly doubt that cuz, he would have, could have shown us those in video, he/they screwed themselves!! Yes they did. Did NOT need to excavate 3 entire walls,only 15 or so feet, so he CAUSED his own problems and cave ins couple ways… by falsely claiming 3 walls needed waterproofing (much more money homeowner had to cough up), the way they dug it and how/where they placed some of the heavy soil, near-along an open trench!!!



Wow, I can’t believe they backfilled with that muck crap.

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Believe it, Marcel…it is as you saw…

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apparently someone is not worried about Mikey Holmzzzie waterproofing practices, backfilling practices, shoring etc lolol oh man, is a joke baby, a horrible, HORRIBLE job, horrible assessment of what needed to be done… gee thought Young-blood would chime in since Mikey is home grown, got milk?

I thought the EDUCATOR would also chime in lol (maybe he’s attending duh Tulsa Trump rally n on his way but stopped to P up new red hat)

its okay to bash Bubba for no reason, pffftt ‘his words, his writing skilzzzzz’, loololll too weak to bash the incompetence in video, sad shtt man