A picture my neighbor took yesterday.

Nice Nick.

Hell, smart bears too! I guess they want to get cleaned-up before they go into hibernation. ;):):smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile:


nice picture of You Nick…who’s the Girl ???

Hey hey hey Boo boo, where’s Mr. Ranger?

I hate them damn bears. They always leave the soap in the tub and it gets soft and leave the cap off the shampoo bottle.

very nice

And don’t even mention all the hair they leave in the bottom of the tub. You’d think they would have the courtesy of rising it when they are through.

Ah, that’s nothing. I took this picture at 6:45 this morning, inside my office, and it looked like it was ready to leap.

I have one of those killers in my office too. My mouse keeps coming up missing as well.

That’s funny.
No wonder you have more greenies than me.

I was going to get a parrot but they are so messy and noisy. This works

Mine hates the office and is always ready to go.

shiloh2 009.jpg

Methinks I’m among animal lovers.

Mine is a born killer ready at all times.

Is this the monthly ESOP meeting?

I’m still trying to figure out which one is more comfortable?

Marcel :);):smiley:

Marcel when it comes to has the most comfortable spot on the sofa there is only one winner. I can tell you that it is not me!

I’ve seen a picture of Carl’s dog. It looks like Cerberus, the monstrous dog guarding the Greek underworld. One look and you’ll know it’s not Carl curled up on the couch, nor his bride.

Well his one head would be enough to keep me away Kieth, no matter how comfortable and lazy as he looks. ;):):stuck_out_tongue: