Nick evades questions/comments!!

Again the great leader has suppressed a post of mine on the CMI board. Pretty sad when someone with all the power selectively answers or partially answers questions to his advantage only and must hide valid criticism…SAD!! SAD! SAD!!..all of this in the great free speech state of America!!

What’s up, Nick??? You’re supposed to be the great persuader!! Really, it’s a bit pathetic!!

WOW! That must have been quite a trip for you…

imagine, a four-year-old rolling down 2 flights of stairs–banging his head on each tread…

Way to go, Nick. Good job.

Oh, another lap dog!!

Yes, he needs support as he seems to be slipping or unable to take the heat…shows his manner to the rest of the board…evade, dissemble, self-aggrandize…even tries to influence people with his largesse!! So sad!!

It’s hard to believe that over 2,000 licensed home inspectors there are only 4 CMI’s in our state and 1 is a janitor.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bushy deep throats him anytime he gets a chance.:wink:

Does Illinois have much higher IQ’s than other states??

Uhhh…I dont no.:slight_smile:

I find it sad the you come here as a guest and crusade against NACHI, it’s inspectors and Nick and then claim some imaginary suppression of free speech.:roll::roll:

Is your life that empty?


As you may have seen, I supposedly given an “Umoderated Status” on the “Open to public” boards here…until I hit a sore spot!!!

I have had posts suppressed because there was commentary showing the other side of the coin (from the quoted study) explaining how the “ONLINE education study” showed other than what Nick claims as gospel. And a number of posts in the CMI thread were suppressed also while others were allowed so that Nick could appear to have the upper hand…Sad and pathetic!!

Is it your vanity or ignorance that leads you to believe that your “suppressed” comments are of any value to anyone here?

Assuming it is simply ignorance, please understand that…as a guest and not a member…you have no rights.

You are only granted the privilege of posting here as long as you remain within the proper boundaries allowed to guests. Only members have rights when it comes to the message board.

If it were up to me, you would be banned from polluting our message board, entirely, but Nick is a nicer and more tolerant guy than I am. Besides, he has a tradition of keeping fools like you around to help him advertise the finer points of NACHI as he addresses those comments of yours that he doesn’t filter out.

Jim once told me he thought you Canadians fought like girls.

It’s so true :wink:

If you want a platform to attack Nick, join the party and become a member. Members are not moderated period.

Then I would be immediately kicked out for not having INACHI “prominently on my website”…I’d like my $$$ to stay where they are…in my pocket!!

You are not required to have NACHI on your website.

Again you confirm what I believe…CMI is not rigorous nor defendable!!! A MARKETING GIMMICK foisted on an unknowing public !!! (“Comsumers have no clue”- Nick Gromicko),

Nick’s statement is fully contrary to what you tried to say a few months back in defense of “no licensing”- “the public have smarts, they will choose the best inspector” Give me a break!!

If I put any other affiliation on my website, I must display “INACHI”…is what I read.

Then you are but you could make it just as the other which is almost invisible. Your choice.

So what?

LOL!!! How can you even ask that question. You have been here about a year longer than myself but you have almost 7 times the # of posts at 26,248. What do you do when you’re not here…or are you always here??

You must have learned enough on these boards by now to get up and go do a few inspections to help support the family. Is HI your main source of income or just a hobby?

I like to type.

What of it?