A weeks difference

Thankfully, he went to the barber yesterday.

How long can you keep that fish outa water???

Same size fish? What is the difference?

Damn liberal Hippies.

He’s too well informed to be a liberal. :smiley:

Twin fish or twin brothers? BTW nice fish/fishes! :D:cool::cool:

I don’t think that’s the same fish but they are about the same size and they were caught in the same place. That’s my boy, with and without a haircut. We have fun fishing together. We’ve been killing them back there in that hole. Catching them almost one right after the other in the three to five pound range. All catch and release.

Those are keepers around here. But where you are at, those are just guppies.

John, if you get tired of jigging for large-mouth you can try the new approach at catfishing, one of your son’s old basketballs will work just fine:

A few hours difference. Son Seán’s self-tonsure.

lol :d

Awesome, the best part is father & son fishing together! BTW, is that your lake?

That’s funny. The pic on the right looks like he could be an Osmond. The one one the left wouldn’t get through the front door if he came to pick up my daughter for a date. :mrgreen::wink:

And check out the orthodontia! On both boys!

That’s right Joe. Thank God our dental plans are not run by the government. YET!

We are going to hit the honey hole here tonight in about an hour. I hope to have some pics to share later.

Cut it out…you’re killing me! :wink:

I stopped counting at 30. About one every couple minutes…some big ones too!

Wow…good for you! Is that your lake John?

I am Jealous John-O :smiley: