A wind mit question

I’ve attached a copy of and opening level protection chart. All the windows and doors have been replaced with ones that are verifiable and qualify for pressure and large missile 9 lb .
The garage door is marked as compliant with the DASMA 108 standard, but it has windows in it. The homeowner has fashioned 3/4" plywood inserts to be placed behind the windows in the event of a storm. I considered this type of protection to be N other protective covering that cannot be identified as A,B,Or C.

I chose N over C because the method of attachment does not meet the fastener requirements for C.

My dilemma …I marked A.3 but am second guessing it now, but for a lack of a clear alternative I decided to post here. Thanks in advance for any insight you may offer.

Putting a storm shutter only over the glazing of a door doesn’t qualify for anything. The entire opening has to be protected. Your glazed garage door is “X” and the final selection is “X”. Even if you wrongly consider the garage door windows to be “N”, the final selection for your house would be “N.1”. Either way…no credit until the windows are removed from the garage door.

Thank you after reading your reply, it makes perfect sense now.

Thanks again .