Which is Correct?

1999 Home outside the HVHZ.

All windows and entry doors are protected by shutters (MDC Approved, Large Missle Impact).

Garage vehicle door is NOT impact. Cyclone rated only. Does NOT meet

[size=1]ANSI/DASMA 115. This door is rated at 31 PSF.

(OR, ignore the Garage door and mark)

As long as no windows in garage door, E. Insured will get the minor credit for rest of house glazed openings being protected. For A-D must be impact rated large or small missile, and appears your garage door is cyclic and pressure only, non impact.

E - assuming no other openings uncovered… (no glass in garage… or doors or non impact rated skylights)

No windows in the Garage door, nor skylights.
I agree and would have marked E in such a case.

However, an agent informed me that a reinspector is Changing these to a B rating…
The client had an inaccurate inspection that was marked A.
Exactly the same shutter situation I described.
Upon reinspection, the rating was changed from A to B? Not E.

Any ideas?

The new form will address this, but you should know that :smiley:

Yes, I was paying close attention. It is a permited garage door install, and meets building code which only requires a windload rating.

But how does the re-inspector make the leap from a garage door only meeting windload to meeting the B impact?

Windload only gargae doors will meet ANSI/DASMA 108. But that’s not listed.

Is their something I’m missing or is the re-inspector just making his own interputation?

I’d say your interpretation is 100% correct.

Let us know if you ever find out what the reinspector’s reasoning was.

Sounds strange. Didnt the re-inspector include a picture of the garage door label and/or product approval?

I can not explain the other inspector’s thinking, but I think he is wrong

Thanks for the imput. I agree. The reinspector must be misguided.

A “re-inspector” making an error? Surely this cannot be true.


Filling out the form is a process of elimination.

Since the OHD is not impact rated, you, by default, have to select E. D asks for wind-borne debris protection, which a wind-rated door does not provide.

You already know that the panels are MDC Approved, Large Missle Impact. Therefore, if you select D you are not reporting the truth.

The re-in-con-spector probably is a teenager working for Don Meyler for $40/day.

Wow Pete, you sound like this miserable Professional Building Analyst, who works in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. :shock:

I agree that “E” is correct, but don’t forget to tell the policyholder that since, " All windows and entry doors are protected by shutters", they are now in violation of fire safety codes, no egress. Have them buy a chain saw…:razz:

Nick, I have never seen a chain saw cut through steel or aluminum in my entire 123 days in Sebastian, FL.

Florida Building Code: Chapter 10 Section 1008.1.3.6 Means of Egress

The temporary installation or closure of storm shutters, panels or other approved hurricane protection devices shall be permitted on emergency escape and rescue openings in group R (Residential) occupancies during the threat of a storm. Such devices shall not be required to comply with the operational constraints of section 1025.4. While such protection is provided, at least one means of escape shall be provided. This means of escape shall be within the first floor of the dwelling or dwelling unit and shall not be located within a garage without a side-hinged door leading directly to the exterior. Occupants in any part of the dwelling or dwelling unit shall be able to access the means of escape without passing through a lockable door not under their control.

Careful John, don’t give anybody any ideas. The OIR could add an egress question to the new Wind Mit. LOL