Help with Wind mitigation inspection

Did my first wind mitigation today and I’m having trouble understanding the opening protection chart.

Home is in lake Worth, fl.
All windows, glass block and doors are not impact rated.
Robico shutters are present and I was able to find A NOA for Miami Dade. Hardware is present for all openings. Both doors are glazed. The garage has a confirmed D rating and if not glazed.
How would my chart look and what section would this be rated.

Just making sure my first wind mitigation is correct.
Thanks in advance :grin:

Based on your info, here’s what I would do :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s exactly what I marked. :grin::grin::grin: Thanks for the reassurance!

BTW, I’m under the impression glass blocks not in the HVHZ are not considered a glazed opening.
It would be no different than a solid wall.
Correct me if I’ve got it wrong. :smile:

Sometimes, I had to place a statement on the form next to the box, that in the non-hvhz, glass block is not required to be rated or covered. As Mark stated, it is considered a CMU. Broward and Dade…not.
If I can find it, I’ll post a screen shot.

On a side note, you stated all openings had hardware and the windows had shutters.
My question is, if the power goes out, how are they going to get out of the home?

I ask all of my clients that question. The main garage door may not be a good option in an emergency as most people, use the garage to store all of the loose items that were outside.

I tell my clients to have at least one way out, preferably a hurricane rated solid door, when possible.

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That’s a good question. I know from previous experience working with contractors that the city of Boynton hassled us about not having a NOA or impact rating for glass block :roll_eyes:. I guess the homeowner didn’t want to take any chances and just got shutters for them.

That’s very good insight. I’m going to pass that along to the homeowners.

Technically, the overhead garage door is not to be considered a form of egress.

I was referring to an emergency situation, and in that event, “forms of egress” or anything else code related, is moot. I have also asked my clients if they have an emergency plan, or if they rehearse said plan.
My son knows ours…