A wind mit

Came across this. Inspectors need to know be aware where they are getting their data.




As I have said a million times.

Pictures are a freaking joke.

Any idiot anywhere puts some marks on wood and that is supposed to be proof.

Funny thing is I see crap like that most often from the biggest names in the business and they are the ones that keep getting preferred treatment like that crap about the one company claiming not to be reinspected from a few insurance companies. Most of which I have never even heard OF IN MY DAY TO DAY WORK.

I need to learn to type without looking at the keys.

I have to agree with you. I have seen several markings that were 10 marks an inch apart. Just exactly what type of nailing pattern is that?

As to your typing Mike, get a bigger keyboard! When I got the new computer, it came with this smaller keyboard and my old fingers do not like it!!! I constantly hit the caps lock key!

Since you guys do not remember the first rounds of wind mits, or were not there. It proves you went in an attic and did something. Many of the first wind mits were not even drive-bys. Many contractors signed forms and people just filled-out what they wanted. Like it or not images have cut down on the number of fraudulent wind mits and made the others easier to prove. It is true you can still lie, but there is proof.

Wouldn’t you agree that the methods used to get the data are flawed? And if that is the case, why are we using them?

The method used to gather the data is not flawed, it works if done correctly. It is certainly not fool proof, how do you prove something you can not see or touch? Of course if you have a better method suggest it. The issue is inspectors think they know better, are not will to do it correctly(evidence by my first post) and out right lie. Then these companies try to combat the lies and incorrect work with rules that eliminate the “errors.”

10" nail spacing proves that the nail spacing is not good enough for a discount on insurance.

Again, Pictures of lines in the attic prove that someone went in an attic and did something. Those lines can prove that the inspector lied. They helped solve the biggest problem with early inspections, actually doing them.

I hear blah, blah, blah wind mits suck, it is wrong, there is no money in it. In America you have a choice to do them or not.

All three of your photos demonstrate improper installations of roof decking (improper nailing on two and improper spacing on the other), which are technically code violations.
The method of collecting data is flawed as well as the form and the data used to come up with the form. That is evidenced by the previous forms improper rating of clips/single wraps and this forms wording regarding weakest/strongest method of nailing.

Those lines merely prove that the inspectors MT-6, which is an inaccurate tool and not designed for the purpose it is being used for, may have been on the fritz that day.

It would appear as though the pictures really haven’t solved any problems. They have created more as the individuals interpreting those pictures, have little to no training on how to perform these inspections.

I personally think that the pictures should be done away with. If, as an inspector, you want to protect yourself or prove what you saw, by all means take them. If someone questions the form, have them send their lackey out there to try to prove what you wrote on the form was wrong.

There is plenty of money in these inspections, if you price them correctly. You have never seen me here or anywhere else complain about what other charge, because I am not a whore. Feeding the family, having to work, only being able to charge xx for the inspection, is all bs. It is generally a result of one failed business model being applied to a new field. Some will never learn to work smart, not hard.

And by the way, I was around doing these inspections back in the early days of the two page form. I would guess that 90% of those inspections will be deemed incorrect as it pertains to the new and the next new form.

None of it matters anyway…the program will be gone soon…I suggest those that rely on these inspections get while the getting is good… :mrgreen:

\Yep and the money is gone already that is why I am looking on towards a bigger and better career :slight_smile:

I am tired of being a laborer.