AAA Construction school offers grandfathering help.

Its is a contradiction in everything I thought Nick and NACHI stood for. This surprises me. The only explanation for the newest SCAM is purely MONEY based. This saddens me. I thought more of this organization and its people as a whole. This is just another thing in life where it appeared to be one thing a delivers another.

The people who have backed this did not think it through and this has just proved JAMES point…Licensing solves NOTHING because of classes like this. Nick, besides PROFIT what in the world could this do to expand the positive reputation of the HOME INSPECTION INDUSTRY. Let me tell you. NADA…

Congrats…hope this decisions works out well for you. I will now take all NACHI marketing off of my websites and marketing material, because you just now have turned yourself and this organization into a SCHAM…

I don’t understand why you guys are upset. At least with this offer they are going to attend a school for two days. They just might learn something about being an inspector.

Look at what we have now. Someone who has probably never performed a home inspection is grandfathered in as a licensed home inspector. All they had too do was join NACHI and promise to meet all of the requirements (which we know most don’t), take some online courses and take the online test over and over until feeling comfortable to pass the proctored exam. Even if they fail the proctored exam they can take it again the same day for free.

There are a few among us now who have done just that.

The only difference I see is the cost. But don’t worry they will be paying the full amount next year. Nick has always offered educators deals for membership.

Hell the contractors wanted a license just because they are contractors. So it could have been worse. At least someone is going to make some money off of them if they want to get a home inspector license.

Greg…Come on! Nick gets his *** kissed enough. This does not promote HOME INSPECTION and its industry in the best light. This makes a mockery of our profession and organization.

I personnal commend InterNACHI for offering alternative education!
Thats the whole point to InterNACHI.
Nothing is shoved down anyones throat.
You can spend $239.00 at this company - or you can spend $100.00 at Florida InterNACHI…

Lets see…$239 – $100.00 HUMMMMM - I dopn’t kno but Florida InterNACHI seems like the best deal…
Just me of course…

[quote=“gbell, post:22, topic:53171”]

I don’t understand why you guys are upset. At least with this offer they are going to attend a school for two days. They just might learn something about being an inspector.

65% of all Florida InterNACHI members have been in business and been InterNACHI memebsr for at least 4 years.
We’re being very careful Greg.

How many FlINACHI members are therer?

So now that its not worse we just cheapen it all by asking for a few hundred dollars to become certified. We are turning our PROFESSION into a laughing stock where a few hundred bucks makes you an inspector. Thanks!

Not a personal attack Greg. You are one stellar stand up guy and I admire you. But getting something right and then cheapening it, is not winning, Its actually making a mockery of our profession.

Look at how many MOLD ASSESSOR license there are compared to Home Inspector. Know why? You actually have to know what your doing and prove it! No fast classes for that. It adds validity to the license not like the $229 Home Inspector licensing…For one of our own to come up with cheapens our industry. And if you say, if they didn’t do it someone else would, then go do Home Inspections for $100 because thats where it is heading. Hell If I did 10 Home Inspections for $100 each I could pay for the class, the licensing and the insurance for 1 year…WOW, not thats what I call a PROFESSION.

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Out of respect for you I will keep my opinions off of this board.

Please tell me what you think is right about this? The state is the one that made the grandfathering rules. That is why I asked why you are upset at someone for starting a school that is following the requirements that the state setup.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can become a home inspector until March 2011. All they have to do is send a check to Nick for $289 (no one checks the other requirements so you are immediately a certified home inspector), a check to Zoe for $100. They can take the online exam until they know that they can pass the proctored exam. They even get 3 chances to pass the proctored exam (so they really don’t have to be that prepared). Take 14 hours worth of online education and presto they are a state licensed home inspector. Who cares if they have had any formal training or actually performed a home inspection. You can tell from many of the questions being asked on this board that we have many newbies that don’t know the basics of inspecting or even how too run a business.

As I see it the only thing that has changed is they can now do it for $239 instead of the $389.

Why are the mold requirements more restrictive that the home inspector requirements? It looks like our profession would have been better off if we had the mold people in our corner instead of who we had. I have no doubt that the mold license is going to be worth more than the home inspector license.

I have been checking out the competition in my area. I found no less than 10 licensed inspectors who were having a fall special. They would inspect any home up to 2500 sq ft for $199 and up to 3500 sq ft for $249. So who is cheapening our profession?

I understand your frustration and know that it is justified.

Licensing solves nothing and those that fought for it here you go. Our state will soon be flooded with home inspectors from local community colleges, inspection schools and out of work contractors. Be prepared to show value in your services, soon we will all be competeing with Cheap Charlie, offering a $150 - $200 inspections.

I don’t believe that is correct. The license is just a minimum standard, at least until next year. Anyone can get either license now. I have reports sent to us from every mold inspector in our area and honestly some that have a mold license now are just sad. Gandfathering was supported by most, not me or my coworkers; sort of like hope and change. People get what they earn / deserve.

5 years from now I believe you will be right but I intend to retire again by then.

time to hit the road, everyone have a good day

OK $239 instead of $389. This is exactly like the crap Home Inspectors! Lets cheapen it even more! Hell lets charge $3 and just allow everyone in! It just keeps getting worse and worse. Congrats the organizations and the educators are now right in line with the price cutting inspectors! Good job!

So the same people are still in charge! I do not want my SOP to be messed up as well and future legislation. I want to be represented.

Just saddens me that ther was NO stand out organization in Florida as the premier organization. I was thinking if we pushed it NACHI could be that organization and all of a sudden $239 specials come in and just refects poorly on its present members and present supporters.

The quest for licensing has been ongoing for over 10 years. I know that FABI had a lobbyist (Matt Dempsey) for many years. They also spent thousands of dollars with that effort. I am not aware of any lobbyist for NACHI. I think that ASHI and NAHI also had one at one point during that ten years. The home inspector council that you just heard about has been around for sometime in one form or another. NACHI was never welcome to the table until just recently.

Most non NACHI members hate our association for the same reason that you are upset now.

We tried to push it a few years ago before licensing took effect. The powers that be squashed every attempt made. They didn’t want a proctored exam or a SOP written for Florida.After many attempts most lost interest.

. **When the push was on for licnesing NACHI was dead set against it. Say what you want, but FABI, ASHI, and NAHI saw the future of licnesing in this state and tried to shape a bill that would be beneficial to home inspectors. NACHI did not want that and fought agianst it because the bar would have been set too high for mnost of their members. We lost all rights to shape this bill back then. Now it is being shoved down our throats by the legislature by people who have no idea what our business is all because some senator thinks he was slighted by a home inspection. We had our chance, we lost it, and now we have to accept what they give us. **

You are absolutely correct Bill.
Now, we as home inspectors must fight for our profession. This school is a step in the wrong direction as most of the things we find wrong were done by contractors.
The wolf guarding the hen-house so to speak.

Who else would be doing the work other than contractors?

I cannot believe Nick or his advisor came up with this Gig:oops:. Make it right Nick! InterNACHI is supposed to be the elite organization in the HI business not a make a penny association#-o. Is this a joke? Take a test and get licensed (grandfather in)…….hum, funny, funny…-X

You obviously missed my point.
And, judging by some of your other posts, I seriously doubt you will ever get it.

I stand corrected. NACHI did have a seat at the table. Thanks for refreshing my memory.