AAA Construction school offers grandfathering help.

We have been contacted by many contractors that do not believe they need a license for home inspections or mold inspections. Some believe their insurance meets the requirements of the mold law which is unusual. Several companies are offering similar training,

Licensed Contractors and the New Home Inspection law:](
Contractors may conduct system specific inspections on those building systems and components included within their scope of work. However, House Bill 713]( defines “home inspection services” as a visual inspection of all of the systems and components of a home; including AC, plumbing, structural, etc. System specific inspections of just one system or component will not require a Home Inspectors license. However, if a contractor wishes to conduct “home inspections” or advertise “home inspection” services, he or she must obtain a home inspector’s license.

Licensed Contractors and the New Mold Law:](
Contractors licensed under Chapter 489, Part I, Florida Statutes, will be able to perform mold assessment or remediation that is within the scope of their license. But contractors will not be able to represent themselves as mold assessors or remediators without the proper license.
**6. Do I currently need a license to perform home inspections? **
A license will be required after July 1, 2010; however, Florida Statutes provide that unlicensed activity will not be enforced until July 2011.](
**6. Do I currently need a license to perform mold-related services (assessment or remediation)? **
A license will be required after July 1, 2010; however, Florida Statutes provide that unlicensed activity will not be enforced until July 2011.

This is a scam and a sham and does nothing to improve the insepction business. Nick, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

How can Nick be sending out such an outrageous offer? This is offering Johnny come-lateys Nachi membership AND a proctored exam for $239???

Then how come I am billed $289 for Nachi membership and paid $100 for the exam fee.

This is a slap in the face to those of us that have been members and supporters of NACHI for years!

I would hate to think that NACHI is just like other organizations making a grab for the money!!

**total BS…this does not improve or properly promote the integrity of the industry and it violates the spirit of the grandfathering portion of the law!!!

Totally agree!! This undermines the integrity of the grandfathering intent and cheapens the value of the license itself. What happened to the experience part of the grandfathering? I thought you had to show 3 years experience.

It’s just a money making scam and NACHI profiting from it!!

Turn off the lights and watch out for the roaches.

Anyone who tries to be grandfathered in the inspection industry through these kinds of companies should be declined for stupidity. This is why I was excited about getting the state involved. To get these kinds of inspectors out of business. Why in the world would you post anything that would totally undermine the inspection industry.

This one post totally undermines what we do for a living.

Who is going to apologize to Mr. Homebuyer for allowing these trained inspectors in their house. “Yes Sir, I’m certified through the State of Florida and I had 2 days of classroom training as well” HOW STUPID IS THAT!!!

Who is providing the proctored exam?

Think we will have the girls in the office get a HI license.
“once in a life time chance”

I most likely will not be renewing because of this


Tell me this is April 1st.

Nick, Please say this is a joke! Come back to us Nick, that is not saying to much for the association you built up from the ground level. Nick this is wrong please retract this, it sounds like you are selling us out.

Just a bad article I know you will take care of it…

Wow, Nick if money is that bad, all you had to do was call…You didn’t have to whore yourself and the organization out.

So, I am assuming, that everyone who paid $289.00 for their membership will be getting at least a $50.00 credit?

Nick, I really think you made a big mistake with this.

it is a good deal, though

For who??? Certainly not the consumer. Maybe for any shmo who wants to “say” he is a home inspector. Possibly aimed at the contactors who think they make great home inspectors. Now they can say they are licensed too. This whole thing is a joke.

I get it Bill. Its still a good deal for the shmos who want to get the cert.

I would say that it might lower your prices, but from the looks of your website, you are already one of the lowballers in the area.