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Starting the deck inspection course

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In a homes around 1955 the wire was silver coated, they say its nickel or zinc coated. Is this a deficiency the same as aluminum ? and needs an anti oxid?

If one finds a few electrical deficiencies in the main, and panel since we dont have to provide an exhausitve list of deficiencies, should we then recommend further evaluation by an electrician?

completed the SOP course, and begining the COE course

I’m sorry but I am finding this confusing, I am trying to take the roof inspection coarse, I am not being allowed to move forward to the next step arggg!

I’m still confused on what I’m doing on the students discussion:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Amazed every time the light comes on and I lean something new

Hi I am Willie Hickman from Orlando FL. I am taking the Florida Pre-license program. I Just wanted to introduce myself.

Starting Safety Course!

Starting 25 Standards Every Inspector should know. I am just going down the list of courses, hope that’s ok. But I am making progress…

same here . I love it So far. Good Luck.

Getting ready to take the 25 Standards course.