InterNACHI needs your feedback - programs/education

Greetings inspectors,

We at InterNACHI are always striving to provide you with educational opportunities that are current and relevant. In the future, we are hoping to develop additional programs, courses, and webinars etc. covering some nontraditional themes in the home inspection industry.

We wanted to know-- what are topics that YOU think are underrepresented? What kinds of topics would you like to learn more about? In collaboration with professionals in their respective fields, we hope to develop comprehensive coursework to train and educate our members on a variety of subjects that are lacking in available material.

Some examples of nontraditional areas of research might include green building, noise protection and acoustics, natural colors/lighting, and electromagnetic radiation.

Any thoughts or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

How about a class on back up generators? We are seeing more and more generators (both smaller units and whole house back up generators). Propane fueled, diesel fueled, etc… Transfer switches, etc… It would be good to have training on a variety of generators that we encounter out here.

How about a “non-alarmist” communication course and how to do it effectively both verbally and written.

What happened to the thread a few months ago that covered the same subject, that had many, many replies? Like many others, it was never heard from again.

Steve, Joshua, and Jeffrey–

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep those noted.

Jeff, which thread are you referring to? Maybe I can look back and find it. Do you recall which suggestions sounded interesting to you? Maybe I can get the conversation sparked up again.

No, not offhand. The MB ‘Search’ feature stinks so that will be of little help. I do believe Nick began the thread, buy I may be wrong. I do know there were replies with suggestions from at least a few members.

A part 2 to the Pool inspection class. I don’t care how many states have approved the current pool course, the fact is it’s very lacking when it comes to inspecting bonding wires, sub panels at pools, and other electrical issues. The current course barely mentions these items that can be the difference between a safe pool and someone getting electrocuted.

I think you were referring to this thread:

Which covered more than just education, but there were certainly education suggestions in that thread.

Nope. Although interesting, that isn’t it. I’ll dig when I get a chance to see if I can find it.

Looking for great ways to offer free Insurance and provide helpful information to my clients at the same time. Anything like that would be useful.

I’d like to see a Business Foundation course based on Nicks Book. Kind of like a workbook. For example, many of the items in his book have an accompany course such as Code of Ethics. I’d like to see a course with real world assignments, like the top 10 or 20 things from the book that you can do to get your business on track. You could assign volunteer mentors to evaluate the effectiveness of each assignment, and even remediate assignments that go wrong. So perhaps even more valuable than CE credits, you get real world results based on your business…I know…I’m a genius…I’ll accept nominations for member of the year :slight_smile:

Okay, here’s the thread I was remembering… Although not exactly what the OP was asking, it’s kinda the same thing…

Oh yeah, a class to become a certified solar panel inspector.

Yea, good one. :roll:

I never did get a reply to my question…

Camera inspections of ducts/sewer.

That is included my report writing class. I’ll try to schedule a class for Northwest Ohio in the near future.

Thanks Bob,

What kind of information are you thinking of?

Thank you all for the feedback–

Florida CE classes for required CILB hours. Dry stuff, but there are a lot of us that need contractor hours too.

Not general hours, but certain required topics.

Spray foam insulation systems.