Acceptable or not? (Wind Mits)

Consider a multi-unit (2-story) condominium building. None of the units have opening protection and all questions (#1 through #9) on the wind mit form could be answered the same for each unit.

Inspect the entire building and create a “master” wind mit report/template (with required photos). Then, sell wind mit inspections to each unit owner. Use the “master” report/template to complete each unit’s wind mit inspection report from your office.

Assume all information is correct and accurate on every unit’s inspection report and the “date of the inspection” will always reflect the date the inspection was actually completed not the date the unit owner requested the inspection.

Acceptable or not?

If doing individual inspections than I believe you should access each attic and check and photograph each house individually. If doing one report for the building then you would only go into the attic once.

Not sure if that answered you question or not. Good Luck.

Thanks, Mike.

Assume no attic access in any of the units. Attic access is located in the common area. No concrete party walls. Everything is the same for all units.

I would think it would work fine but I do not know the legal answer and have not had to deal with the situation.

This is done all the time with building wide WM by HOA’s.

Like Jay said-----Underwriters accept WM on whole buildings for unit owners all the time unless the unit changes owners or owner changes insurance companies. I do them for HOA/COA for the building and they pass them out to all the unit owners and the underwriters except them. :shock:

Thanks, Jay. Thanks, Fred. I understand what you are saying. This is a little different.

Instead of doing one wind mit for the entire building and giving it to the Association to pass around, the inspector would complete the wind mit inspection for the entire building and then the unit owners would contact the inspector to obtain a wind mit report for their individual units based on the inspection completed for the entire building. The inspector would add the individual unit owner’s name and unit number to the original “report” (really used only as a template) and provide the finished report to the unit owner. The “Inspection Date” on every wind mit report would be the date the entire building was inspected no matter when the unit owner requests a wind mit report (a day, week or month after the original inspection).

I see no issue except how does the owner check your id, and know you did the inspection?


does anyone have the newest wind mit form that has state of florida hi able to sign

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