Preparing OIR-B1-1802 for HOAs

How do you prepare the wind mit form for an HOA? Community consists of 24 duplexes. Same construction, same roof shape, same roof to wall attachments. But different roof install dates, some have opening protection some do not.

One at a time. Each address should have a different form.

Thanks John
I was afraid that was the only way it could be done. Any chance you could sample the roof to wall attachments and roof deck attachments or would you also look at every one also ?

What is required might depend. Whan you say you are performing the inspection for the homeowmer’s association, exactly what do you mean?
Are you performing the inspection for the HOA for the association’s insurance on the common areas or you performing the inspection for the HOA to benifet the individual unit owners? If it is for the HOA’s insurance common areas, I would recommend contacting the HOA’s insurance agent or underwriterto find out exactly what they require. The ones for Hoa’s insurance that I’ve seen in the past has been one form for the entire complex and is more of a commerical style inspection and cannot be used by indivdual unit owners. But, I have not looked at one in about 3 years or so. Each unit owner would have to have their own wind/mit. I used to do a lot of condo inspections for unit owners and if they had an HOA I’a try to contact the HOA to see if it has had a wind/mit and try to view a copy of it and if they had a maint. mgr. on site I’d also try to speak with him as well to have the most information that I can at my disposal in case I didn’t have acess to view certain construction features.

The HOA insures all resident buildings as well as common buildings. Owners carry their own policies for the interior. I have already asked the property manager for the old report. I was waiting for that before I contact the insurer. I’m sure the old form was pre 2/10 anyway. I know that to be used by the owners for personal policies they each need a wind mit. I just wasn’t sure if the HOA insurance carrier required 24+ reports. Thanks for your ideas. I will keep you all informed

They should accept the 1802 from for duplexes. When doing them I go in the attic of every building. The trick is to keep yourself organized.

Take pictures of the address(numbers) and all doors(unit numbers) you go in to keep your pictures straight. Always take the pictures in the same order.

Harry, of course the buildings would likely be insured by the HOA depending on how the HOA is incorporated as they would be part of the commmon area. All that I was trying to relate was: That this is more of a commerical inspection and all the condo HOA inspections I have seen consisted of one inspection form for the complex and not one per unit. The other part to keep in mind when talking with the insurer is back when I was doing a lot of condo inspection is because they were a commerical style inspection, the insurer typically required the inspector to be either a building or a general contractor depending on the number of stories in the building{s).

Great advice John. I have been using the allinspections program whenever I can. It should help keep everything in the correct file. My concern was not only doing the job right but pricing it correctly for the amount of work needed to be done. You have helped me do that. Thanks