How to handle 20-40 building wind mits?

Hey guys had a couple of calls for condo associations with a lot of buildings lately and I gave them a quote of $50 per building which I feel is reasonable to get in all the attics and make separate reports for each building… but no one called back. Was wondering what everyone else does?

Any less and you’re seriously losing your *****. Condo boards can’t spend money on outside contractors without first getting the approval from a board member/board of directors, so you should ask them when on the phone if they want a written professional proposal and send them a copy of your finished product and a copy of your liability insurance. Ask them what the timeframe for getting an answer is and when you can follow up with them. If you’re not getting that information from them, you might as well be talking to a tree cause you won’t hear back from anyone.

Kevin, remember that each unit owner will be able to use the HOA wind mit for their own insurance discounts, if done on the 1802 (3 stories or less). That’s a hell of a deal for the owners. $50/building is too low, and Glenn is right, it requires board approval. If they are over 3 stories, I can help you with the Mit II & III reports, thanks.

each unit will need it’s own 1802 not the 1802 on the building.

Not true, unless the individual unit has complete opening protection.

Some insurance companies will take the 1802 for the building, others want the units with the owner’s name. If the HOA is covering the master policy it is unlikely that the individual owners will need the form. When they do it is usually for shutters only. This is were working with the agent will really help, the agents are the individuals who meet with the board about their policy. Having a stellar reputation and the ability to get the job done will be paramount. The price is dependent on the scheduling and the construction of the buildings. Do you need to go in every unit or every building? How you will gain access will be the biggest factor in pricing.

When I went to visit John and watch his operation, he has it down to the ‘t’ I saw him and one guy do about 50 wind mits in…lets say 2 hours. It pays to have a good reputation and a few were just missing ONE small shutter and John told him how to remedy the situation on those units and would rewrite the WMF when they updated the few units.

Great service is what gets John these jobs…over and over

It is only easy if your help can leap tall buildings in a single bound. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Glenn, I will be sure to send them info and follow up. Maybe that will seal the deal

Good afternoon Kevin,

Most of the feedback here is pretty spot on. Some insurance companies will require individual OIR forms for each unit and some may accept the OIR form for the structure and apply it to the units within.

What I have done in the past is offer a flat fee to inspect the structure. I then extend an offer to produce an OIR form for each unit owner at a reduced cost since the info for the unit is already gathered. It should just be paperwork (and don’t forget liability) from that point forward.

I’m not one to criticize another companies pricing as I find getting involved in the price wars is completely unproductive. My advise would be to not let the pressure of quantity effect your pricing structure. As someone said above. Condo associations cannot spend money without a vote and approval from the board. This in itself is a tedious process and many times it is not your price for the reason you never get a response.

Good luck!