Wind mit Question

Is it ever appropriate to submit verification of a shutter system where there are no identifying labels (or I can’t find them) Sellers insist they are Bertha accordian hurricane shutters FL#8843.1 but they can’t produce the invoice or receipts.

Hey Tom hope all is well…I wouldn’t think so. I don’t unless verified. Happy Inspecting my friend !

I do not think it would work unless you can prove what they are or you are SURE and submit noa. If installed with permit NOA may be on file. They may be able to contact manufacturer to get stickers if still in biz. Normally no sticker = appears to b which equals screw the client. Not your fault you did not write the form but since it has an appear to be section that is what you should check then they will get the shaft. Really fair huh :frowning: The OIR should be complete disbanded and rebuilt to REGULATE the insurance agencies and PROTECT the clients.

There’s a way for the manufactures to tell from a closeup of the locking mechanism, so I’ve been told. I can’t verify because I have not had to test that theory yet. But, if you call some of the manufactures and they are able to do so and will provide you something in writing showing this, maybe it is acceptable.


Having your hands tied when trying to do right by your client is not fun and can produce some awkward conversations at times. Not everyday is an uphill battle with regards to insurance inspections but sometimes it certainly feels that way.

Everyday is when trying to HELP a client when the companies only want to SCREW them for every dime they can :frowning:

Don’t approve without verification!! You will set yourself up for problems down the road. Send them to the building dept.

Good answer

Make the homeowner do the work. Stickers/certifications can be gotten after the fact, but it is not your responsibility to photo shop or download info from the internet that may or may not apply. If they want the credit, they will have to spend a little time and effort. We are there to collect whatever documentation they have as supporting evidence, not create documentation (not implying that you would) that is missing. Shutter companies can identify products in the field and issue stickers/certifications, even if they are not the original installers. I would direct my client to that resource. They pay for a service call and get the necessary documentation from qualified people.

This I wasn’t aware of Dennis. Thanks for mentioning it. Good to know.


Thanx Dennis and Bert,
Finally got thru to the alleged manufacturer…They requested a photo of the lock, closeup of the shutter blade. and a picture of the opening. We will see.

Good to hear Tom. And do let us know how it ends please. Hope it works out for your clients.


Sheesh that took awhile…Big Bertha it is. H V Stamped on the lock. Just wondering if a picture of the lock would suffice in the future.

I called a shutter co onsite one time and they were great she emailed it right to me badda bing badda boom!

Awesome Tom. I would always like to have some documentation from at least a shutter manufacture. I don’t think an underwriter is going to properly identify a lock because it says HV. But at least if you now have established that contact with the shutter company, make sure you have it in writing and just reuse whatever documentation they provided.


Update…Eastern Metal Bertha HV Accordion Shutters…
HV Stamped on lock.

Nice…Thanks Tom!


YW Bert…Im sure this shutter system is all over coastal Fl. with no labeling.

Anybody care to share other qualifying shutter systems with no labeling but unique identifiable markings.

I emailed you awhile ago Tom. I’ve attached a picture in case anyone can identify this one. It’s a 2004 townhome and there were no markings on any of the shutters. The only markings were on the lock face itself. Any help is much appreciated.