Active Key

Is Active Key worth purchasing for convenience?
Is there any discounts for Active Key or an equivalent that home inspectors can get through Internachi or elsewhere? Are there any other devices/apps that can be used in lieu of the active key to gain entry? Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

Does your local association require you to get a CBS code from the listing agent?

Need varies from place to place. Here in AZ it is worth the expense as many agents do not open the house but show up near the end.

David & Jeffrey thank you for your responses, as of now we are not required to obtain a code from the listing agent. I was just weighing out some options, we have been doing several inspections in a town approx 40 miles from where I live and the agents have sort of been hinting around to get one for convenience. I know the cost is minimal and deductible just was not sure if we will need to purchase a code for each agency or if its covered state wide.

In Arizona the Supra Key will open any lock-box affiliated with the Arizona Multiple Listing Service, but you have to obtain the seven digit number from the listing agent, just using your PIN number will not work.

I believe each realtor association has their own rules. Some don’t require a CBS code, others do.

Thank You Dale

Their well worth the investment in my opinion, would rather start an inspection without shooting the sh!t with the listing agent for 20 minutes about how great the Shaq is.

Most don’t want to be at the inspection anyway, I have found many to be lazy.

I picked up mine yesterday. I believe this will result in more agent referrals. And on top of that I have NEVER once had an agent be on time to let me in a home. Just not having to wait on agents will be well worth it.

Here in Knoxville, trying to use your ActiveKey can be pretty frustrating. We have to have a CBS code from the listing agent. As is probably the case everywhere, most listing agents don’t know the codes for their own boxes.
It can still be helpful and save time on occasion.

I’ve had an ActiveKey for about three years and have only had to use a CBS code once. I don’t even ask for one now. Sometimes the agents will give me one but I never need it… Go figure, maybe a local thing…

Thank you for all of the helpful advice, found out today that here in illinois I will be purchasing numerous keys as each association/municipality have different regulations. YAY ILLINOIS!!!