Adobe Wind Mits Forms Need to be Printed as PDF Before Sent.

My office recieved an unlocked Wind Mit from an agent today. The inspector sent it out without printing it as a PDF. Anyone can change it anyway the like.

It’s an okay form, no pictures even though it was created in lifestyles.

Maybe I should post it and give it away to everyone…Then there would be a FREE Wind Mitigation form! :twisted:

We see this occasionally, it is from people who do not understand how to use forms.

Citizen’s always has a problem when any PDF I create is secure.

The think is it is password protected and it is not.

I send them as they request and keep my original for when they actually find out how screwed their transfer-system is.

Since the OIR is the authority on the wind mits why don’t they make a uniform reporting system statewide like loss360? Everyone making their own system is kind of counter productive.

It’s still the same form, it’s just a matter of how you fill it in

You do not have to add any security. If you have a pdf print driver, like DocuPrinter or Adobe PDF, it removes all of the active fields and the form can’t be “easily” changed.
If someone wanted to re-poulate all of the fields using LiveCycle or AdobePro, then they could, but you could do that with any document by just printing it and re-scanning it.
There are also programs that can remove security pdf unlocker for one, on pdf files.

Interesting…I proposed that very same thing for a four-point inspection…damn near got hung for it on this very message board! :shock:

If the OiR wants to pay me, I would gladly design a form for them that would be user friendly and very easy to use. It takes 5 minutes to fill out my form.

I guess it’s like anything else. The people out here actually doing it know nothing and it’s like peeing in the wind.

Anyone looking for free, easy to use, print to pdf software try (PDF REdirect).
Works good and it is a free download.