Advice neededd about getting into home inspecting

Hello all! I am unemployed currently and have been looking at possible new career options. I have a background in inspections in the public health realm and I feel like home inspections would be a good route to take since this was something I did a great deal of for many facility types, and also typing up reports, etc. I would like a little input from those already established in the field and in the state of Oklahoma about how difficult it would be to get my foot in the door, and establish steady income flow in your opinion. I live near Ada, Oklahoma for point of reference. I am already a member of InterNACHI and taking all the necessary steps to become licensed and certified. Please let me know what you know as far as how difficult it would be for me to get into this field of work and to get a steady flow of work (at least 3 inspections a week for example)? Thank you very much for your time and any information or advice you may have to share!


Welcome to the forum, William, Enjoy!! use the search icon up in the top right corner, lots of info to find and read on the subject.


Thank you very much!

Morning, Will.
Hope this post finds you well.

You have a background in building inspections, in the public health realm. ‘That helps.’ Youi also have written reports so you are use to following a check list.

Getting your foot in the door is dependent upon EFFORT, location saturation.

Expecting 3 jobs a week is realistic.

Will. The faster you get involved is the faster you turn your education into money. Dig in buddy. We al all pulling for you. get Levi to get you Logo’s and Brochures ready fort printing.

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Welcome William!

I’m not in your area of operations, and have no idea what your market is like, but I wanted to mention a few of my observations…

  1. First and foremost, thank you for jumping in and becoming an Internachi Member. It shows us you are committed to making this decision work for you, as it has for thousands before you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your background with us without the need for us asking a thousand questions first. This helps us to get right to ‘the good stuff’ (Joe Dirt reference).

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post in the appropriate section of this MB for your exact query. This should garner better results for you from those with actual knowledge of your area and what you are up against.
    One concern I have for you is, I have noticed we are getting a lot (more than usual) of newbies from OK this last few weeks/months, many of which have piss poor attitudes. I hope this isn’t a sign of the times for your (or any) area. It could make things harder than normal to break into the market. With that being said, I feel you should do well if for no other reason than you appear to have the ‘common sense’ about how to go about things… so far. :wink:

  4. And last but not least… thank you for using a ‘Title’ that will help make this thread searchable! This is huge as I anticipate your thread to be helpful to many… IF THEY CAN FIND IT!!

This Association, it’s website jammed with education materials, and yes, even this MB should help get you to where you want to be. Yeah, it’s gonna be tough at times, and you will likely get your ass handed to you a time or two, (likely from ME!), but keep an open mind and sift through all the crap that always shows up. Think of this MB as a typical construction job site full of guys/gals that are/have busted their asses, and expect you to do the same. We usually have your back, you just need to show us that it’s not wasted on you.

So far you are doing good!

Good luck!


Welcome William.


Welcome William !!


Thank you for the sound advice and an honest outlook!

Thank you very much for the thoughtful and entertaining reply! I certainly appreciate your advice, wisdom, and shooting me straight… I’m always sad to hear about people with pissy attitudes, to be honest it doesn’t surprise me, I’m afraid you get the best of both worlds sometimes from this state. I’m certainly not one of those types, I want to do the best job I can and give people the best service I can and screw up the least I can.

You used to be able to find more humble, wise, and down to earth folks, even willing to give you the shirt off their back… then you had the ‘others’. But now I’m afraid the ‘others’ are kinda popping up all over the place in more and more numbers and becoming the norm rather than the exception! It’s like my grandpa always told me though: “there’s more horses asses in the world than there are horses” :joy:

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Thanks, looking forward to what’s to come.

Thanks, looking forward to this journey.