Ahhh, the changes that 10 years makes

Ever since I became an inspection (Feb, 2002) I have been dismayed by the so-called “Association wars”. Don’t get me wrong, I live NACHI and my membership has been very good for my business.

But, when I first got into home inspection, almost all the agents told me that “If you aren’t an ASHI member, then you aren’t a real Home Inspector”. I life about 6 miles east of ASHI National Headquarters and their so-called “branding” campaign had saturated the area (Chicagoland). Alos, being such a union town, the feeling of many ASHI members were that they were the “union” and NACHI members were nothing more than scabs.

And ASHI and NAHI (now, mostly, invisable) ran all the state required CE classes. If you wanted to keep your license, you had to pay them for CE credit, and pay through the nose.

So, we started the NACHI Chicagoland Chapter. With a lot of hard work and help from NACHI, we also got into teaching state licensed CE courses. As a result of this, the course prices went down, forcing the other CE providers to also lower their prices, AND the general quality of the CE increased, becoming more challanging.

So, the culmination of my dream happened last Wednesday. Our Chapter President, Chris Kirkman, working with Myself and my Education Comittee co-Chairman, put on a CE class that was presented at the monthly meeting of NIC (northern Illinois chapter) of ASHI! We offered to teach the course and only charged them $2.00 a head (for state processing fees and mailing costs for the state required certificates). The course dealt with a very timely topic, in this area, water intrusion in masonry buildings. It also shows the way for another specialty service, above pre-purchase inspections, i.e., water intrusion inspections.

The feedback from the ASHI members was very positive and most told me that they learned alot.

So, in a scant 9 years, NACHI (at least in this area) has gone from practically non-existent to a dominant (most dominant?) association and with the best and most complete education courses available.

See what you can do with a dream and hard work. :wink:

Go figure.

Here is a copy of the e-mail broadcast for the course.
Members $50.00
Non-Members $80
(ask about special membership promotion) **
AUGUST 10,2011
**237 W. St. Charles Rd. Villa Park, Il. 60181 ** **NO Associates Corner **
Dinner 5:30- 6:00 PM
Presentation and Exam 6:00-9:30PM

Dear William,


William J. Decker Jr.
President, Decker Home Services, LLC

Member, Foundation for Safer Housing
Member, U. S. Green Building Council
Charter Member, Illinois Home Inspector Association (IHIA)
Director, Board of Directors (IHIA) (served 3 terms)

Author and Lecturer for Illinois State Licensed Home Inspector Continuing Education courses:
145 - Electrical Home Inspection Checklists
145 - Structure for Home Inspectors
145 - Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors
145 - Introduction to Thermal Imaging
145 - Introduction to Building Science
145 - Building Envelope Inspection
145 - Residential Home Energy Audit Inspection Model Manual
145 - Water Intrusion Inspections
145 - Advanced Thermal Imaging Techniques for Home Inspections
Author, Evaluation of Residential Masonry Buildings, InfraMation annual thermographer’s conference, Author, “Evaluation of Residential Masonry Buildings, Water Intrusion”, 2009 InfraMation Conference

It seems that Resitance is, indeed, futel.

Here are some photos of the class:

Who’s the little feller in the faded red shirt standing in the way up front??

But seriously folks, congratulations to all the “Chicago Boys” who made their chapter so dynamic–and especially to Will Decker.

Thanks Will, it was a good course. Jeff did a good job too.:wink:

Please, understand. I am just one of many who made this possible. Russ Myers, Jeff Merritt, Chris Kirkman, Bob Eliott, and all the chapter members.

Used to be that we had to pay $120 for dinner and e hours of CE. Now, if you are a Nachi and Chapter member, it runs about $65. And he courses are not mere sleepers.

That is a change.

Oh, by the way. Nick helped a little too :mrgreen:

is that orange shirt getting rounder?

Will did good job, also want to thank JB and Jory of NIC ASHI for getting this put together. I have to admit it was fun collecting test from ASHI guys. The Chicago chapter has made a difference in the Chicago area, we are now known. A lot of hard work from chapter members is what it takes. thanks to all, I remember when we started the chapter in a bagel joint with 5-8 guys, and we now have a monthly meeting with between 15- 25 in attendance with 4-8 educational CE’s per year.

Nice job!!!

Making it better!!!

Will, ASHI is coming out with a new tagline: “Trained by the best!:wink:

Good job Will.