The ASHI Fraud

This, from a long term member:

Yet more evidence that A$HI’s true interests do not include advancing the profession …

There are three designations of active professional home inspector membership in ASHI®. These ASHI® membership categories are as follows:
ASHI Certified Inspectors— Inspectors in this category have:

  • Passed the National Home Inspector Examination and ASHI’s Standards and Ethics Examination.

  • Had inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice.

  • Submitted valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee-paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI Standards of Practice.
    ASHI Associates w/ Logo— Inspectors in this category have:

  • Passed the National Home Inspector Examination and ASHI’s Standards and Ethics Examination.

  • ASHI has verified performance of 50 fee-paid inspections in substantial compliance with the Standards of Practice.

  • Had inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice.
    ASHI Associates— Inspectors in this category have:

*]Just joined ASHI and may be new to the inspection profession or may be a seasoned inspector who has not yet completed ASHI’s requirements to move up in membership.

ASHI needs more benefits if it wants to stay alive… but I’m not sure they understand
that. … Benefits = Value for the inspector.

ASHI has been, as the first post illustrates, an indicator of quality home inspectors.

Years ago, it meant something to be a member of ASHI. Today, it doesn’t, but the old timers in ASHI feel the need to continue to “lead” other inspectors.

Since their association is just one more of many, they have determined among themselves to legislate their way into power. This is why so many are pushing for state licensing boards with seats they “agree” to fill for their support in pushing it.

The fleas are jumping from the dying dog, looking for a fresh host. What better place to suck blood from than a state government?

You guys are so freakin funny its almost pitiful. This is why I love this profession…my competitors are asleep at the wheel with a Twinkee stuffed in their mouths.

If what you say about ASHI is true and relevent, you’re essentially going down that same road that you claim they’ve been on all this time…claiming that your logo is the only meaningful one…exclude all others…they’re dumba##es.

People don’t hire logos. They hire inspectors they trust, typically based on a referral from someone that trusts you implicitly.

Are you that deaf, dumb, and blind, that you can’t see that one undeniable truth about being a home inspector? (need I ask?)

I could create a logo tomorrow, all pretty and official looking. I could fly it from the tailgate of my big Dodge diesel dually. Stamp it on my forehead, tattoo it on my tongue, and pretend to be the best because of it.

Do you know what the end result would be? (besides a really ugly tattoo)

Pretty much the same results I get now…my clients and referral sources trust me implicitly and refer me to others, and my business flourishes in a bad market.

If the only thing you have to separate yourself from your competitors is a logo, you’re merely a bottom feeder, reduced to throwing stones to convince people of your importance.

What’s really funny (and quite pathetic) is that you do it in public.

Interesting that you have those Logos all over your signature.

I agree and I hope you found your post to be a good first step toward unburdening yourself with your many “logos”.

lkrausz said it all when he admitted:

ASHI’s highest level of membership only has 3 bogus requirements.

  1. Show that your reporting forms or reporting software meets or exceeds SOP. How silly. Today, all reporting forms and reporting software meets or exceeds SOP. Try finding one that doesn’t.

  2. Pass an ethics quiz. Even sillier! Unethical inspectors would surely have no problem in lying and giving the correct ethical answers.

  3. Pass the beginners NHIE. The NHIE is the very same entrance exam used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school. ASHI is so silly. What a joke of an association.

Because we control some 4,500 inspection related sites and of course, the 50,000 watt microphone of the inspection industry, we get about 200 consumer requests a week asking the same question. “How do I find a good home inspector?” I answer every one of them the same way. “First, look for the ASHI logo on the inspector’s brochure and website. If you find it, avoid that diploma mill inspector.”

Fair observation and I assume there’s a question buried in there…

Because I pay those organizations to represent my business.

The problem is that MY customers, YOUR customers, and EVERYONE elses customers can visit this site and this site has web presence. Think about this in a business sense for a moment…

NACHI spends our money to drive customers to our doors. Where does that lead them? To a web site where the inspectors they’re seeking to hire, act like a bunch of pre-teen school girls with a hormonal imablance.

People aren’t as dumb as you think. They not only use inspectorseek.whatever, they visit the forums and they see this garbage. Surely the result of that forum visit is…

“yea, I’m going to hire one of those idiots”

Get a clue or a job at McDonalds, and leave the inspecting to those of us that know how to run a business.

Are you really that disingenuous or are you a drooling idiot?

You are an ASHI member, as I am. We both know the game that ASHI plays in all media…promoting itself as some kind of an elite society when, in reality, it is nothing more than just another association for home inspectors. Nothing special. Nothing “elite”. Just guys like you and me who inspect houses…with a few who want to rule the industry.

Go run your business.

ASHI has become an association of newbies. When they lowered their requirements down to nearly nothing, that’s what they became.

Anyone that really knows me, knows with absolute certainty that I’m just as critical of ASHI when it comes to representing my business. I have defended NACHI more times than I can count for these very same reasons.

This is about defending my profession and livelyhood from a bunch of freakin drama queens.

Read into it what you like.

So I have not checked your site yet but assume you do not have a NACHI Logo yet do have a ASHI Logo .
Would this be correct?

Hopefully not. He can lose his NACHI membership for that.

You’d be sadly mistaken. I have 2 NACHI logos on my site.

It’s hard to argue against that statement when the qualifying test for membership to such an “elite” society is used by several states for simple entry level requirements. Nothing too “elite” about that.

At its core, this constant bickering, slandering, bashing, teasing, or whatever you’d like to call it is just plain negative.

Whether we like to believe it or not, we’re all in the Real Estate business. People spend their life’s savings to buy the American Dream and they’re scared to death throughout this process.

They surround themselves with experts in the hopes that someone…anyone…can make this an easy stress-free process for them and what do we give them? In a public forum?..

Boo-Hoo…Billy stole my lunch money…Boo-Hoo…Jimmy kicked me. Wah wah wah wah wah wah.

I almost can’t believe that I’m even defending my position, until the reality sets in that only 20% of our ranks, perform 80% of the inspections.

You can pretend that I’m biased.

You can pretend maybe that I’m an ASHI spy.

You can pretend anything you want but there’s one thing that is beyond pretense…

You can’t pretend to be a successful business owner.

No wonder there’s very little web based business for HI’s. What exists, is regional and sporadic for a reason.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this subject on other message boards.

In fact, you’ve actually reminded me to look at my web site and all the purdy logos. Holy crap… is my web site “Da Freakin Bomb”?

Heck, I’m still waiting for my uncle Nick to personally nominate my web site fot site of the month;-)

Ok. C’mon…that was the funniest thing you’ve ever read here :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: