Alarm System Wiring

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

I have been coming across several homes where the Alarm System is hard wired directly into an outlet via a wire protruding from the bottom/side of the outlet cover. I even had one the other day where the wire came out from behind the outlet, through the junction box to a transformer that gets plugged into the same outlet. Is this allowed? Do you guys call this out?

Here are some pics.



Not allowed you are correct in writing this up .
Incorrect alarm system wiring needs to be repaired immediately .

Thanks Roy! I did write them up. Just wanted to see what the peanut gallery thought.

I wouldn’t write it up.
It’s low voltage and most likely wire to the outside of the box.

Low voltage can start a fire , I still say incorrect installation .
he reported wire goes through the box .
If I am wrong no big deal if I miss it and there is a fire then yes it is a big deal .

I would not want this installation in my home

That wire is for the transformer and it isn’t there.
It is just prewired.
However, the transformer wire should be on the outside of the box.
Pull the plate to see.

Would you except a wire job like this in your Home ?

Not Me !

16-18 volt transformer wire…Yes!
I’ve installed hundreds like that.
It has always been acceptable in the alarm business.
We wrap the wire around a nail and the electrician does the rest.

Glad you did not work on any of my jobs Roy and do work like that.

I don’t talk to you ! And you don’t have to talk to me.
I would have never worked for a chump like you anyways.
I owned a security alarm company for many years.
It has less voltage than a surface mount phone jack which goes through the wall.

I owned a security alarm company for many years

They usually are a very successful business.
If you really did work like that .
Then I think I can see why you are now a home Inspector.

Attacking Marcel does not show good manners .

I made a ton of money then sold it out contracts and all.
I’m a home inspector because It is a lot less bull sh*t than being a building contractor.
“Attacking Marcel does not show good manners .”
That isn’t a bit of your business. I just don’t like him at all.
He is the one who made the cynical remark " Glad you did not work on any of my jobs Roy and do work like that."
He can kiss my a**.

That looks unprofessional to me. I guess they were too cheap to use a plug-in transformer.

The transformer isn’t installed in those images. It’s just prewired.

Gee I am surprised to see a person who works with the public all the time talk like that.
Marcel is the easiest person to get along with and gives much help to, all.
Yes to me he a great friend for over ten years .

Geez… I didn’t mean to start a fight! As for these two inspections one was wired DIRECTLY to the outlet and the other to a plug transformer that was unplugged on the floor (old house, no prewire). I opened both outlets to see what the deal was. The one with the transformer plug came through the wall via the outlet box. IMHO the installer was lazy. If you took the time to snake the wall you could/should have created a proper exit point in the wall with a proper cover. This wire was dangerously close to the posts on the outlet and any movement could cause the wire to come in contact with the posts on the outlet.
While I understand/agree that this is low voltage (by virtue of the transformer) the outlet is not. If the wire frays at all we have a potential shock situation.

Welcome to our family ,
Stay tuned for the next episode . .

You can keep him then!

Then you were correct to write it up, but if it were on the outside of the box I wouldn’t .
That is all I was trying to say.