ALLERGEN Course/Testing (Pro-Lab)?

So how many of you do the allergen testing, or have taken the Pro-Lab course (sold with the testing equipment)?
I do a moderate amount of mold testing and am considering this as an adjunct.
Comments, please?

I took some training with EMSL Analytical On VOCs, Allergen, and Formaldehyde. I have only done a few Formaldehyde but a lot of mold.
If I ever get time, I am thinking about doing some mailing to Allergist.

Where did you learn about meth lab testing from?

I have been doing allergen screenings for a good 6 months now. Pretty easy stuff. Just requires a vacuum and dustcheck device. Becoming familar with the subject matter is not something you can learn in a day so I would be hesitant about some 8 hour course. You will need to learn how to take your samples however, and for this a course would be helpful, just make sure they thoroughly cover testing procedures.

Try finding “Allergens for dummies” online (amazon). It is out of print but it is still the best litereature out there for people like us. I have my opinions on prolab and will keep that to myself but if you pm me I will tell who I use.

At the end of the day I sell a “indoor air quality package” with my home inspections that includes 3 air samples for mold and 1 dustcheck for allergens. Pretty popular.

Mike Cooper - Structural Narcotics Detection Service – had been in Kalispell MT but has recently moved to the Bozeman area. He does not have his website or email set up again, but can be called. He has a course you take before using his lab services, to be certified to do the sampling. I’ve always been happy with his service; tell him Russ sent you!
Mike Cooper
P.O. Box 556
Belgrade MT, 59714


Cheap swab tests are available here. They don’t give you any legal documentation, but are cheap enough to help you figure out WHERE to do the lab swab tests. Also, my experience is that these may give you false positives or false negatives. When you’ve got a home purchase hinging on your say-so, that’s a lot of liability to assume. That’s why I use Mike’s lab.