Am I the only inspector using a bucket boom truck for both safety and marketing purposes?

I use a bucket boom truck on my commercial inspections. I was just wondering if anyone else is using them on home inspections.

They make roof and chimney inspections safe and they also have the “WOW” factor with regards to marketing (especially if wrapped).

They are inexpensive (used) and have a GVWR of less than 26,000 pounds so you don’t need a CDL.


I used them a lot when installing rural internet. :slight_smile:

I have rented them for commercial inspections, though my drone is a great alternative at times.

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I wish I had that kind of cash flow to consider this a option. I use a extension pole or a drone depending on the situation.

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Looks like a potential lawsuit by damaging someone’s driveway with the outriggers.


These worked really well:

I used my friend’s 55 foot boom truck to inspect a steeple once. It was the cat’s meow!


The base and thickness of a residential driveway does not compare to a commercial parking lot.

True. And my friend has been using those type of pads for years with no problem.

I have seen lumber delivery trucks damage driveways with outriggers using those pads.

So have I…inexperienced operation or not the same pad or both. IMHO

Most likely both.

By the way Larry what do you think of my driveway, It is pretty bad you think.

Yep, Scott… :flushed:

I bought this fixer-upper 6 years ago and have not got to the driveway yet.

Lots of fun! Renovations never stops! :grinning:

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You got that right, burnout.

I renovate at work! I renovate at home! :grinning:

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Curious about the truck … Even or 3-6 story bldgs I have roof accesses. Why would you drag a boom truck along

My GoPro camera on a pole is easier on the wallet after all it’s residential and a visual inspection with binoculars is acceptable. Even in commercial, where I spent most of my life, you will not be able to access most of the building with a bucket truck. I don’t think they are going to let you set the outriggers down on the landscaping or drive over irrigation lines. Roof access is usually the way to go.


Time for a makeover. LOL

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