American Integrity Roof Cert Form

Anyone have a fillable form for American Integrity?

I think they all use the Citizens roof cert form.
If you have a blank form, send it to me and I’l make a fillable form for you.

If you want a fillable Citizens form, go here: Roof form

We always use the Citizens form for all roof certs. You could always just ask them if thats ok.

Thanks guys. George Wells at gave me one. I can’t figure out how to post it so I asked him to post it in this msg board. If you want it sooner, contact George at: It is the Citizens form but has their letterhead on it.

He did not charge me anything to do it. He’s a sweetheart!

I’m getting quite a few of theirs lately.

I have found that American Integrity always send a form to the home owner with the owners name address and policy number on it. I just scan it into my computer and use my software to fill it it.
Nuance pdf converter pro sells for about $70 and makes all pdf forms fillable.

Send me a copy and I’ll make a fillable one for everyone.

So does pdfill at a much better price :smiley:

Not better than Erics offer. :slight_smile:

Have George add the picture page.:wink:

All that is, is the citizens form with a different logo.


The copy Bill sent to me was scanned. It wasn’t a real good starting point. If anyone has an original, I’d be happy to make a fillable form with the photo pages.

Anyone who wants the form can download it from my Dropbox repository.

Here is their logo and I think I have a clean version of the Citizens form which you can alter in Word.
I have it in Publisher.

And that form is from 2008.