Amperage rating?

This is actually a house we’re looking to buy, not one I actually inspected but in looking at the wires coming from the street to the weather head I’m wondering if this is actually 200 amp? The panel and breaker are 200 amp but do these smaller wires from the street limit the capacity? Thanks in advance!

The street wires Are Supplied by the utility company that would be up to them what to run . Unless your a distance from the main line .

Amperage rating has a lot to do with the insulation, so it’s likely 200 amp.

Plus, it is what the Power Company says it is, even when it’s wrong-I call it the “Standard Pecking Order”–God, Power Company, City Inspector, Home Inspector.

Wire in air carries a lot more amperage as it does not heat as much.

The SEU would need to be a minimum of #4/0 for 200 amps. What happens on the utility side, beyond the service point (those connections with the black tape), is only their concern.

I don’t like the double splice on the ground wire for whatever reason it happened.

OK that’s pretty much what I thought. It makes a difference when the lines are “air cooled”. I have heard it said that just about any wire can carry any amperage given the proper insulation or cooling capacity, although I’m not trying to start a heated debate. Thanks again for the help.

Is this the first overhead service you have inspected?

Is it just me or is the service spliced with NM clamps?

I agree. That’s pretty ugly and it does look like its been spliced with an NM clamp. I don’t think that connection was made by the power company.

You guessed it.
Hope the fascia board holds up under tension also. :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing that although the lower connector on the neutral is odd looking.

Also the weatherhead needs to be above the point of attachment.

It looks like an NM connector to me. :o

I see 4 connectors which one?