Discipline Chair NHICC Trashes ACHI

From the OAHI Knowledge CAFE

Yes it appears OAHI didn’t want to get in bed with PHPIC or NHICC!

Nor does it appear many astute inspectors want to get in bed with these two bodies that continue to ignore the blatant conflicts at the top.

Makes you wonder if he has been paying attention at all . . . .

PHPIC? Another association? This is getting ridiculous.

Provincial Home Property Inspectors - PHIC

PHPIC is the recruitment arm of the NHICC.

And what is NHICC?

Who’s on first?

It won’t be long until the Canadian alphabet will be totally exhausted from home inspection organizations and they will have to revert to a numbering system.

I’m anxious for the Canadians of Toronto to form a society of home inspectors. Can you see that one? The Society of Home Inspectors of Toronto?

National Home Inspector Certification Council


“Council” ??? LOL! What, the Canadian government ordered them to stop calling themselves an “Authority” ?

They dream up new ways of trying to look like a government agency every day.

Cahpi cancelled the National and with it went NCA. So Bill et al started up another org. So, same program, same people running it, different program names (my take anyway)

LOL, good one Jim.

I guess I had better not start the Aurora Society of Home Inspectors. I believe the acronym has already been taken.:wink:

Two wrongs do not make a right! Whether it be claims, statements of misinformation, allegations, etc.

**But more to the alleged “conflicts” claims. **

If you do your own research, read up on governance and “responsibilities of directors” under the Corporations Act (at least in Canada), it becomes very clear on how to deal with those alleged “conflicts”.
I fully conform to them as expected, and will always completely comply with what is legally required of me personally, serving in such administrative capacity. For those to continue to suggest otherwise indicates their own ethical challeges, and unfortunate opportunities to spead more lies.
If any contract, decision, or other action taken by or on behalf of the Board would financially benefit any member of the Board or any person, then that interested Board member shall declare at an open meeting of the Board that a conflict of interest exists and shall describe in detail all of the particular facts of the conflict of interest.
To prevent the “conflict of interest transaction” from being voidable or having a director liable is to obtain the approval of the remaining Board of Directors. To do so the material facts of the transaction and the director’s interest must have been disclosed or known to the board of directors or a committee of the board and the transaction was authorized, approved, or ratified by the board or committee of the board.

Where conflicts occur, they are to be declared, and the director shall not participate in discussions or the vote.”******

For some to continue to flaunt and discredit those in alleged to be in those “conlicted” positions - is in my opinion, equally unprofessional and slanderous.

So if the intent is to point out one, I suggest that you should fairly point out everyone, otherwise it indicates selective personal vindictiveness. The intentions of such commentaries that support and promote such allegations regardless are, should be and will be challenged.

On another note - the NHICC is and will remain a separate legal entity recognized in Canada. The title in full with word “council” and or even with “authority” is legally acceptable, as registered in the corporate records. It does not pretend to be a “government” agency, nor does it recognize PHPIC as a “recruitment” arm.

PHPIC can speak for itself.

Regardless, the disproportionate high rate of never-ending false allegations on these alleged claims continue to be exactly what they really are - “allegations”. Assumptions and suggestions a persons “predetermined” impropriety, without evidence.

Oh wait, then we wouldn’t be able to vilify innocent people for the amusement of the public and increased forum ratings, or attracting more membership.

Silly me! Now look at who is doing the recruiting now.


Rather interesting read Claude.

The optics do not look good. Others outside looking in and knowing the particulars thinks its a conflict too.

As for dissing each other this is the opinion of your DPPC Chair and a director of NHICC. If you don’t think a director also being the discipline chair is not a conflict or you think its at arms length you need to reassess your claims about conflicts.

Here is the explanation from the DPPC Chair pertaining to a Nat. Cert. holder who made libelous statements on this very forum.

So Claude according to one of your own directors who doubles as the discipline chair - anything goes and anything will be tolerated.

Is the “authority” of the “council” “officially” “recognized” LOL!

I’m starting to get the sneaky suspicion that this is all a big spoof for laughs. Fess up.

LOL indeed, Nick. You are a hoot yourself !!!

Strange how today you mockingly claim to know nothing about the NHICC yet only last month you asked me to find a seat for you on their Board of Directors.

Bill Mullen

Put me on it. Do I have to come to some Mom’s basement for the meetings?


You can’t be on the BOD of NHICC unless you can show you have a conflict! :mrgreen:

If you don’t have a conflict in order to have a seat on the BOD of NHICC you can purchase one from PHPIC. :shock: :mrgreen:

I wonder if anyone takes Mr. Christopher seriously other than himself?

The NHICC does not have a DPPC. It has a Professional Practices Committtee.

Regarding the comment “anything goes and anything will be tolerated.” You seem to continually jump to conclusions. That pretty much provides another of your accusatory self-professed" legal opinions to our ever growing list of grievances.

You see even the public can read that not everyone buys into the image that some want to portray as the lilly-white Canadian home inspection association. The posts offered by some of it’s members does not help in building credibilty. So thanks for providing more ammunition.

Does the Corporations Act stop a Director with multiple roles from sitting on a Board, Council, Authority or any other “legally recognized” Canada Corporation entity?