Hmmm, would you rather take Fairfax county VA's word or any interior knothead system

…on what ta do about cracked, bowed foundation walls.
Fairfax county guide

Page 5… deeply rooted vegetation such as tress often contribute to the problem.
…tress draw water from the soil, drying out the soil
Roots can also cause CRACKS in foundation walls and subsequent leaky basements, hello!3
-Photos, underground root caused cracks and basement to leak
Does installing ANY interior basement system and sump pump and let’s add wall anchors or carbon fiber straps REMOVE any roots that caused cracks or walls to bow in? Nope. They also don’t repair/waterproof any of the exterior cracks!

Page 7. Based on application submissions and project reviews, the MOST SUCCESSFUL repair METHOD…is to REMOVE and replace the clay with sandy or gravelly materials AND to place waterproofing material along the OUTSIDE of the wall…

Do they tell any homeowner is best or better to install wall anchors or carbon fiber straps and an interior basement system??? Nope.
Get rid of the clay… like this, haul the shtt away

Bowed in wall…

Bowed in wall that had multiple exterior cracks in wall and some disintegrated blocks… does ANY interior basement system repair/waterproof ANY of these exterior cracks and disintegrated blocks? Nope. Water will continue to enter because these morons lie, misrepresent homeowners actual problem and true-solutions in order to sell them the one incompetent, moronic thing they do

Page 16… It is CRITICAL for engineer to inspect NEW backfill soils…
One should backfill with most–all GRAVEL/photo
but some don’t listen, don’t GET-IT, and they backfill with all or most of the SAME crappy clay, silty soil, not smart and NOT what is best for the homeowner and their basement wall!

Page 22… PATCHING does not address the source of the problem… damage may reappear resulting in more extensive and costly repairs.

Some recommend slapping some mortar in, on, over all types of cracks in foundation walls (on the inside of basement wall), it doesn’t do dogsquat man. Just like an INJECTION, if the crack is caused by clay soil OR underground ROOTS or concrete slabs/driveway etc that settled against the foundation wall or a porch-footing then that injection does nothing, geez, loool. This is what quite a few do not ‘get’… they think most cracks are shrinkage cracks or will never widen again and don’t think about what may have indeed CAUSED the dumb crack in the first place/soil, roots etc.

Page 23… roots growing around and underneath the foundation can take up large amounts of soil moisture…
short video, underground roots caused poured wall to bow in, multiple cracks, leaks and NO interior basement system REMOVES any underground tree roots OR, lateral soil pressure

U S Army Corps of Engineers
Page 2… Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the concrete or CMU wall… 3 types of cracks, STEP cracks, HORIZONTAL cracks and VERTICAL cracks can indeed be CAUSED by lateral soil pressure etc. Does any interior basement system or installing wall anchors etc remove, reduce ANY exterior soil pressure against a foundation wall? Nope.