Another wind mitigation question

Can I get an opinion. I have a home that is all hip but the left side is framed 4 feet with 2"x6" on top of the tie beam for aesthetics. Would this area be considered gable? It ramps up and is about 50 feet which would be more then 10% of perimeter. Thanks.



No, but given your dimensions it could be non hip, got a pic? you will also have to allocate that portion of framing against your masonry walls

Need a picture to fully understand what you have.

Based on what I understand you to mean, No. It should not qualify as a gable.

However, it will figure into your percentage of Frame construction.

I’d need to see pics to be sure.

I figured out how to add a picture on my initial message. On the left side of the home about 10 feet in from the front of the garage, they added a 2" x 6" frame on top of the tie beam that extends about 50’ to the back of the home. Would this be considered a gable or a wall as far as the wind mit form is concerned? Thanks for your opinions. Bill

I think you may have the wrong house:D
do you have any other photos?

I am aware it factors into my wall structure percentage. The hip or non-hip is my main question. Thanks.

From the elevations shown in the 2 pictures, it appears to be a hip.

I would consider that as a hip, It is just a extension of your wall section.It still has a hip configuration.

Let me see if i understand this correctly. i believe you are concerned with the raised fascia line of the hip roof, specifically on the rear (no picture) of the small garage to the left. The tie beam of the house is at a constant height all the way around the house, with a wood frame wall extending to the underside of the raised truss bearing point along the left side of the house, and on the rear of the small garage. A view of the back portion of this small garage would almost appear as a half gable, but in fact it is just a cut out of a hip roof. Even if you considered that portion (say 10 lf) a gable, it would not be of sufficient lenght to reclassify the roof from hip. The additional 40 lf of fascia running along the left elevation is definately not a gable, it is just a raised hip roof line. You need to calculate this wood wall framing as a percentage of the entire wall area and note it in your report. The roof should be classified as a hip roof — final answer

I appreciate all your responses. I do understand it being considered wall. The reason for my being unsure is that I’ve seen stick houses which are balloon framed gables(continuous studs from slab to roof) and also gables that are masonry blocked. The construction is similar in strength, however the gable voids a hip check. The other question in regard to this house is that front entrance area which is 30’ long and extends out 8’. The entire perimeter is 300’. I have seen agents question a hip determination on these. Thanks again for your thoughts.

If you mean 30’ gable on the front entrance with 300’ total perimeter:

The entrance is not greater than 10% and therefor Hip. It does not matter if it is two feet or 22’ off the main part of the house. All structurally attached roof perimeters are considered and used in the calculations.

We make sketches of roofs that are going to be questioned, flat or hip, with dimensions and can show the work. This usually solves the problem quickly.

I appreciate your input. After doing 100 or so of these. It comes down to figuring out how the insurance underwriters treat these items. Is there an appeals process for the homeowner or is it truly the underwriter who plays judge and jury, and not the insurance regulators. In many cases over 5 years the hip/nonhip classification can be $10,000.
Last week I had an Allstate agent tell me they don’t consider those Dutch Hip Gables and overuled my nonhip classification. The home had 4 of them and was far more then 10% of the perimeter. I’m planning on sticking with my interpretation. For you guys that have done thousands of these. Thanks for sharing. John. Is this the type of information sharing you are trying to create with the website?

I am working on a blog with examples.