covered entrys for wind mits ????

Can someone please inform me on the covered entry rule?

please view photo of house attached. the covered entry is Gable. If i recall gable entry’s are not considered when determining roof shape?? I personally want to label this home as a hip roof. Your thoughts?


There is not a covered entry rule, anymore.

not including this entry gable, the total gable measurements are less then 10%. if i include this entry way it exceeds 10%. so with that said, with no covered entry rule anymore what does that mean to this inspection?


It is tied into the roof. Was there only the three gables I could see on my cell browser ?


just the three. thanks for clearing that up!

have a great day!


If this is less than 10% of the total length, then it is a hip. Having spoken to numerous underwriters, that one gable is not counted because is it not a continuous roof line. Second, the gable on the left is a dutch hip and not a gable. In this case, there is no question that this is a Hip Roof.

Good luck with that. :slight_smile:

This is a prime example of another reason why the form sucks as it is. The answers are always different from every guy that does an inspection.

I have another great idea…

Lets on the next form just say provide a picture from all four angles whenever possible and let the underwriters then choose whatever they want to call it and let their individual companies make a case by case decision on whether they want to give discounts for it or not.

It does not need to be fair or have a percentage make a difference because something is 10% verses 12 % let the insurance guys look at it and decide on their own what to charge without interference from anyone. If the customers do not like what they do they should then go somewhere else.

By what standards?

now im really confused…lol

Thank the OIR for that.

I think I should be in charge of creating the next form. :slight_smile:

The meeker wind mitigation form!!

Estmated perimeter 200 LF

Dutch hip gable 16 LF
Gable over entryway 8LF
Gable over window 5LF
Total Gables 30LF

Gables are more than 10% -------Non-Hip

Let me see if i can confuse you further here is my 2-cents the following is quoted from MFSH inspector resource manual:
Hip with Dutch Hip where gable portion is greater than 50% of wall length = Gable

Elevations which have gables that are less than 4’ high and have gable bottom cord lengths which are 50% or less than the wall upon which the sit are NOT considered gables

Even if a gable is **less than 4’ **at its highest point and the gable bottom cord is greater than 50% of the wall which it sits, the elevation is considered gable

Too recap unless a gable (Dutch Hip) is** less than 4’ high** and bottom cord length less than 50% of the wall that it sits on the bottom cord length must be calculated as part of the 10% rule

That is the old MFSH way of doing things. That changed with the new form

Fred, great info. you should also post this in the thread where how too calculate a flat roof is being discussed as many inspectors are using the over all roof area rather than roof perimeter to calculate the flat deck as percentage. If I’m correctly reading the posted doc. it seems to clearly indicate that the roof perimeter is the method for calculating a flat deck as a % of over all roof. Thanks for the post hopefully we will all be on the same page one of these days

Everyone will never be on the same page because thousands have been qualified by different ways and once you are qualified you do not have to do anything else. Those around here care more than most and try to stay on top of things. The rest of Florida does not give a rats ***.

You can find this information and more on Bill Yorks web site—

as well as the information about number of nails and flat roof info. Bill is an excellent instructor.

MSFH is on the old form and the old standard