Any Gurus out there?

Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Cutler HammerCH614A
120/240V.1 Ph3 W
Subfeed Main breaker 70amp max








It looks pretty good to me, considering.:smiley:

Are there fusses missing???

It’s a back fed buss with some splices and the problem is??

Just in the first picture there.

I was feeling pretty good about this. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and did everything I was supposed to do, even if I was nervous. Did the crawl, attic, walked the roof etc… :slight_smile:

To be honest , it is soooo hard to tell from a pic, it looks OK to me, but I am a rookie so…

LOL, rookie? You? LOL…okay…where are the cameras? I’m on one of those shows…right? :wink:

But anyway, if you don’t see anything in there that makes you uncomfortable or bites you in the nose, then that’s good enough for me. Still interested in hearing from a variety of people though. Fun to get varying opinions. :slight_smile:

thanks Todd.

No, I didn’t say there was a problem. Just want to make sure I’m not missing something obvious. Or inobvious.

There are many folks on this board that see way more then I do from a picture dear. Please heed my advice and wait for more info.

Yep. Gonna do so. All others. Don’t hesitate to post. :smiley:

OK, there is no gromet protection for the feeders and that’s a spankin’:wink:

It is also jumpered from line 1 to line 2 thats a nother spankin.:wink:

I was trying to give this thread a run, but I spose it is tooooo late on a Saterday night and most folks have a life…:frowning:

So, I guess I repeal my earlier posts, as I had no "you farking idiot’ rebuttals as I had hoped.:(:mrgreen:

I’ll call ya a farkin’ idiot if you really need me to. :wink:

Yeah, I was hoping more people were up, or home, but oh well. C’est la vie!

BTW, client grew up in this home and just remembers those fuses always being missing and even though it was above her brother’s bed all growing up, parents never fixed it. Just told the kids not to stick their fingers in the “holes”.

Of course when you tell a kid not to stick their fingers somewhere, what do they do?

Yep. :wink:

Thanks Wendy, I needed that.:cool:

There are other problems as well. Do you need this report quick?

Save your self some reporting and call for a sparky for further evaluation, or you could send for Jeff Pope. :wink:

I think it’s fair to say that the old fuse box is not in use.

The CH panel, from what I can see, looks okay to me. There are a few things I wish I could see better, but nothing jumps out at me. It’s a split-buss panel, but you probably already know.

I’d have guessed this to be a commercial occupancy, judging from the Sonalert in the box next to the panel, but it sounds like this is a house. What was the Sonalert for? Septic alarm?

Thank God someone showed up…

Damn Mark, it does look like the old fuse box is not in use, but Wendy is a home inspector and therefore this setup would require an expert like you for evaluation? Would it not?


LOL. You’re hilarious Todd. :wink:


Yes, split-buss, thank you for the confirmation because I don’t have TONS of confidence yet, but that’s what I thought.

The Sonalert is for the sump pump I believe. I’ll pull up some pics.

Is that the consensus then? Refer them to electrician?

Just figured out why you would think it was a commercial occupancy.

The house is on a lake that used to be one of the areas premiere vacation sites. Swings, slides, etc. over the lake, cabins, and this “house” was basically the main lodge. Really gorgeous place. Downstairs they had a soda shop type bar with the old soda fountains, shake machines,etc. and then it had a little room off the main with swinging doors that was a darkroom, a film room. People went in and they had those movie machines where you look down into it and have the black and white moving pics that was pre-film making? Can’t remember what they were called. The house is just amazing. Upstairs is a gorgeous main room with beautiful norwegian trim all the way around, big fireplace, multiple french doors, built up concrete porch looking over the lake, little cottage in front was a playhouse for the kids growing up.

Really alot of history. I was just excited to get to do it. It was another “special” inspection, no real estate transaction. Parents both went into the nursing home and daughter managing the house and wanted to know main areas of concern. Which would be the electrical, plumbing, and the biggie…the foundation which I am recommending a structural engineer for due to the large cracks through the brick that repeats on the inside of the wall and throughout the foundation. Since there is a negative grade in the front of the house and then proper grade at the back, it appears that the rain is pulling the house in the back right corner, down towards the lake. It’s been gradually worsening over the years and the cracks are patched, but if they are going to do all the updating that it needs, the only smart thing to do is to correct the structural defects and the grading and water drainage issues first.

I’ll post more pics because this one is just a really neat place. Old structure and so much more character than newer homes.

The structural issues, or some of them. These are all inside and outside of same outer wall.






3 is an issue the rest seem like normal settlement to me.

Trim, view of the lake from backyard, soda shop, sump pump, main lodge room.