Any insight would be appreciated (Pre-drywall)

Looking for suggestions. I just Did pre-drywall inspection and saw the studs were toe nailed to the sill plate instead of through the bottom. They also used 8p nails 16 common. In this state it is considered acceptable to use 8p but they recommend a minimum 10p be used in that area. Even though they consider it acceptable, the fact they are merely toe nailed in, should this be something to call out. Since the connection isn’t even getting a full bite of the nail, would that become problematic later?

Report what you see. If you’re privy to the construction drawings (which should have been on-site), then you can compare what you see to what the architect or engineer specified, and report any differences. If you’re knowledgeable with the local edition of the IRC, then compare it to that. Either way you’re likely going to have to defend your findings. Just be prepared for that.

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