Anybody can build a deck

Just reviewing some of last year photo greats. Wondering if anyone has sen this before. Must be some carpentry secret I was unaware of?


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Nice, Bob…maybe worth a patent? LOL! :roll_eyes:

It’s an old school method of supporting the joists with a 2x2 ledger strip when metal hangers weren’t around and is still allowed.

Edit: may no longer be allowed in your area


Yup, you know it, Simon…but I’d be careful walking on it since it has been around a while. :smile:

Did you build it that way? why are you keeping secrets from Bob! :slight_smile:

I have, way back when…

It is not allowed in this county. Decks need permits and there are specific drawings for joist hangers. Called out as potentially un-permitted work. House isn’t old enough for “way back when.”

Thanks, how old was the house?