Anyone shoot Break Barrel Pellet Guns for Fun?

I recently purchased an Umarex Octane .22 and have been having fun just dialing it in. I went without a scope from the factory because the open sights looked nice and I always want accurate open sights on anything that shoots :slight_smile:

Shooting about a $.25 size group at about 15 paces so far but likely have not shot over 230 or so times. I am having to crank the rear sight way clockwise to get me dialed in but maybe it is because I am cross eyed dominate but I do not know could be my trigger pull. 1/2 the fun is figuring it out and seeing what it likes to eat.

So far it does not bother neighbors and my daughter does her homework outside sometimes while I am shooting. Pretty darn quiet for the velocities.

After I cleaned the hell out of it from the box I did not have a rod that would fit the barrel and the snake types do not work with suppressors I just dry fired it till I thought it was dry. then after waiting I shot the first shout outside across a small canal and though I went supersonic it was lud a hell.
I have heard of something called dieseling and know it is not good but I have no other idea why it was so loud. I came in quite distraught. Now it just sounds like a mechanical plunk most of the time at around 15 big paces but even when shot a much larger distance over the water I never had the loud sound again.

Fun hobby that forces you to calm down and breathe :slight_smile: I grew up with red ryders since i could walk and progressed through quite a lot of different weapons over the years.

Most of the nicest people i know are Hunters or gun peopple.

If anyone ever sees a S&W 9mm shield replica in .177 cal please let me know. That would be great practice and the gun rates pretty high with most critiques so i am hoping someone makes a blowback trainer soon.