Well I guess I am going to get screwed to

Just got my inspection notice from citizens.

Maybe it is time to tell them all to pound sand :slight_smile:

I’ll do it for ya…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I just sent an email to my agent to see if you can cancle the windstorm portion of your homeowners insurance. This home has been here for 50+ years I ain’t fraid of a little wind. :slight_smile:

If you have a mortgage, you probably won’t be able to cancel it.

Times used to be good :slight_smile: I can tell them to take a hike :slight_smile:

I just redid mine…just in case!

I used pictures from the net! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I think that is how most inspectors do them.

They will screw us all eventually. They are getting millions in extra premium increases from folks with older homes that have outlasted all others. Go figure.

I may tell them to screw off on all insurance.

It won’t matter. Hopefully in eight months, I won’t have to have homeowners insurance.
Since I have the money in the bank to almost rebuild this house, I am not concerned.

If your last inspection was done properly you have nothing to worry about. Now if you are trying to hide something then yes you should be worried.

I’m a little confused, haven’t you been doing Wind Mits for other people and putting them in the same position that you yourself are in now?
Just saying. :slight_smile:

Too Funny… :slight_smile:

NO ONE can draw fire like Mike. He He.

As for re-inspection…Treat them with respect & document everything they do.

One of my rentals was re-inspected. Great guy, very professional. Landscape architect, what ever that means…I helped him find the Roof to Wall attachments (It was his first inspection on his own)…About a month later, I recieved a letter stating that no changes would be made to my policy based on the re-inspection…He was a nice guy, I hope he got paid.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…

I did not do my inspection. It was done by someone else before I started doing them.

I put no one in any position. I feel sad for them and I see folks who cannot stay in their house because of insurance ripoffs.

All I ever done has been to try to help them. You see the world in one weird way.

Heck when my house was done folks inspected things much different as they were taught.

I never care about drawing fire. It shows the foolishness of those who just pile on.

As a “High and Mighty Contractor”, just fix the damn thing and be done with it!

Just wait until word spreads about this to your potential clients.

Here is where you "Reap what you Sow" !!!

Says a moron from somewhere else.

You do not know crap and it would not be cost effective. Bite me :slight_smile:


Today is the day.

What a joke the reinspection program is. The inspector was good and seemed to know her stuff BUT the crap they made her do is asinine.

She is now measuring the roof perimeter on a gable home with a flat rear deck.

No reason at all to make her do that.

Anyone looking for an employee let me know she does not like Inspection Depot.

I am hearing the same stuff about not getting paid and such about them. Imagine that.

It has taken over 2 hours so far.