Apple bugs. MAC has a long way to go before catching Bill Gates and Windows.

So I bought my first MAC. What a mess these things are. There is a typo on one of the first windows that popped up. That should have been my clue.

Then the iDVD icon brings up iDVD for a split second and then disappears. It won’t open. So I pop in the OS X disc to reload iDVD. I get to the CUSTOM page so I don’t have to load the whole damn thing. Choose only iDVD. It tells me iDVD is on Disk 2 and to put Disk 2 in. I try ejecting Disk 1 and it tells me I can’t, it’s in use. Of course it’s in use… I’m trying to load something! I can’t get the thing to eject to get Disk 2 in (where iDVD is). So I finally shut the computer off. Guess what… when it reboots it starts loading entire OS X all over again from the disk and there is no option to cancel and eject still doesn’t work… cause it’s in use!

It won’t go online at all. Says the signal is fine but keeps asking for a password. I give it the wireless access password, just like I have on over 20 PC’s made by 6 different manufacturers over the past 3 years (all jumped online instantly with no problem)… but no go with MAC.

I’ll take it back tomorrow.

Bill Gates has nothing to worry about.

Well, forced to download the entire OS X… I did. iDVD still doesn’t open. So I went to the @ symbol on my panel which takes me to this big page all about OS X. I look for a check for recent updates link… none there. Not even in the Download tab.

What a mess. Long live PCs.

That’ll teach ya to listen to Lisa!

Ask that guy with the apple in his face to tell you what the Mac did?

I’ll never purchase Apple products

Bill Gates is one intelligent gentleman.

Russell, funny, funny funny, don’t you just KNOW thats the truth :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:



Bottom line with Mac fans are that they are generally non-technical people. The most prominent use of Mac products is in graphic design, publishing and printing. 90%+ of all personal computers in use are IBM clones running Windows software and for a reason. The biggest myth is that Gates stole the GUI idea from Stephen Jobs which is crap, because they BOTH stole the idea from Xerox in the mid 70’s. If IBM clones and Microsoft products were SO bad, then why are they so prominent in business usage. If Macs were really as superior a product as they claimed, major corporations would be using them. Its really funny that so many Mac fans are anti-business, and the Macs are far more expensive than the average PC. I have no intention of ever wasting my money on any Apple product (I really don’t like Jobs - everything about him screams arrogant a$$hole).


I think you need to do some more research… :wink:

I found the problem with iDVD. You have to delete all the older Themes, or it crashes. Works fine now.

Still can’t get online.

Oh and here’s a killer for folks like me on laptops that don’t use a mouse. I use a touch pad. Mac only permits you to set the right click in your preferences if you use a mouse. You can’t do it if you use a touchpad.

Do they have any idea how many like me are out there used to using the right click on a touchpad?

What a mess.

About what? I have used both platforms and built several IBM clones from the motherboard up. Prior to going to work for myself, I have never seen anything other than IBM clones in any office I was in, with one exception. I worked my way through school as a District Manager in the Circulation department at a newspaper, and the only Macs in the company were used strictly for the production of the plates (graphic design and publishing) that the paper is actually printed from. EVERY other computer in the company was an IBM clone, including the ones that the reportors wrote their stories on. And I don’t need to do anymore research. You personally prefer Macs and that is fine, its your time, effort and money. Software is generally far more expensive and less readily available than similar programs for the IBM platform. That is fact. It is also a fact that many schools were buying Macs for their students until they were forced to stop. Why would you teach students to operate Macs when the business world uses IBM clones? Additionally, serious gamers build their computers from either Intel or AMD processors on the IBM platform. Last year, Apple’s market share was 5.8% Again, over 90+% sold were IBM clones. Also, since Woz is THE man who invented the PC, that very fact should make Apple the #1 producer of PCs, but they are fourth, and only because they are transitioning to Intel based systems. Essentially, they are becoming an IBM clone. So why pay for their overpriced systems when I can get one from a reliable manufacturer who has been working with Intel for over a decade?

Here’s one reason I love Macs so much:
_ _
71000 Windows Viruses - 0 Mac OS X Viruses

Here is a Mac vs PC category where the Windows PC is the definitive winner. Windows has more Viruses hands down, is this a good thing? Sure it is for the anti-Virus and anti-Spy-ware companies, not so good for you and me!

Truth be told there are currently 579 total Mac viruses (Source - Network Associates NA, sellers of the McAfee and Virexantivirus products). Now of these Mac viruses, 553 of them are Word/Excel Macro Viruses so if you plan on not using the MS Office package (yes there are many great alternatives for the Mac) then we are now down to 26.

So where are we? Mac vs PC: 26 to 71000 Viruses. Oh yeah one more thing… Of the 579 total known Mac viruses, all of them are for the older non-OS X based system, this means 0 known viruses for any Mac that has been made in the last 6 years!

So where are we? Mac vs PC: 0 to 71000 Viruses.

Read the whole Article at the Mac Observer
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I think this is important to “business-minded” people. I’d hate to lose everything I’ve stored on my PC because of a virus.

Also, I’d like to point out, I’ve never had a problem with any Mac I’ve ever used, but the HP Laptop I had, I had to take it back 2 months later. My Windows shut down out of nowhere after 2 months because it said I was the victim of software counterfeiting and told me I had to buy a new product key, even though the key I was using came with the computer…Windows has bugs, they all are going to have bugs, but at least I don’t have to worry about any viruses out there…

They take getting used to, but once you learn the operating system, they are so much more user-friendly and logical than PC’s will ever be…

Also, to get online with the Mac, it helps to have the right password…haha

Graphics, graphics, graphics. That’s what’s wrong with this world. Everyone full of crap and using graphics to disguise it.

How many graphics do you see on the home page of ?

Content is King. Let the children play with crayons.

I think it all comes down to preference. I love Apples, but I can use a PC. I have a lot more options than you PC absolutists…


Even hardcore Windows users will usually acknowledge the Mac’s advantage in graphics. What they refer to dismissively as “graphics” is actually the majority of the content creation industry, which includes film and television, music, advertising, marketing and publishing**, and the Mac’s advantage is simply that it gives the people in these fields what they need to make their job easier, quicker and cheaper. Apple is all about creating technology that lets people do what they want, the way they want. Apple has always been full of creative free-thinkers and so it’s only natural that their first focus is on making life better for creative free-thinkers. Nevertheless, the principle of making it easy for people to do what they want is one that works just as well for everyone else.

For the general user, a Mac offers the convenience and simplicity of a system that has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly at all the things it is designed to do. The computer’s components are selected and customized by Apple, who also design the computer itself and the interface that welcomes you when you turn it on. There is definitely an “Apple” way of doing things, and this is extended to the third-party software available, the places that sell and service Apple products, and the people who provide training and support for them. When you buy a Mac, you are also buying into a certain ideology, and if you’re not aware of this you’ll likely run into some frustrations.

There’s a certain group of people who are accustomed to using Windows every day but are frustrated with it. They hear about the Mac’s much-touted ease-of-use and freedom from viruses and decide to make a switch. They do this because they are looking for something different, but wind up getting frustrated at the Mac because it is different: not simply the same as their Windows box, but better.

Macs and PCs are different, and the war for market share is not about which is better, because in the end that doesn’t matter very much. BMW make better cars than Hyundai, but there are plenty more Excels on the road than Beemers. The war for market share is about which product more people want to use, and every day the advantage shifts Apple’s way.

Computers are no longer a novelty and neither is the internet. Businesses rely on computers and related technology to operate and most of us use a computer at least once a day. Technology has increasingly become part of our lives and we want it to just happen without having to think about it. For businesses, the desire for simplicity and reliability is not just about convenience—it has a direct effect on the bottom line. The drain on productivity caused by unreliable systems and the ongoing costs of supporting and maintaining those systems should be enough to make most people stop and think.

When weighing up Macs vs PCs for your business, consider all the factors and resist the urge to compare. It’s possible to make the case that Macs cost around the same to run as PCs, but the figures change constantly and to compare is missing the point anyway. When you want to mow a field, don’t compare the cost of a ride-on mower with the cost of a pair of hedge trimmers. Think about what you’re trying to achieve and what you need to do it, and then invest in the things that will best help you get there.

The reason to choose Macs is not all about viruses or the amount of software you get or even about ease-of-use, though naturally all of those things make a difference. The real reason Macs make sense is because from top to bottom, every aspect of using a Mac is designed for a world in which we rely on technology for almost everything we do. No other platform comes close to offering that. If you’re serious about being ahead of the pack, can you really afford not to be using Macs?

What’s NACHI.TV all about Nick? haha
You can go back to your PC. I couldn’t be happier in my world…

You’re not going to start making your points using live fonts and screen wipes… are you? :roll:

Yes. That’s a great idea.

The bottom line is, for what we’re doing, it’s the best. You couldn’t have sat through that 8 hour class and then debate that…

My 2 cents:

I’ve used PCs my entire life, and know their benefits. There are more PC applications, they have a much larger market share, the best games are for them, the hardware is cheaper, etc. But in the time I have managed PCs and Macs in the same office (the last year and a half), I’ve had to re-install Windows about 15 times and Mac OS X never (we have 3 PCs, 3 Macs, and 1 Linux server in the main NACHI’s IT office).

It used to be true that Macs were better than PCs for graphic design and some other design/art applications. It’s not so much the case anymore, as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc run just as well on PCs as they do on Macs. The only place where Macs shine is video editing, where Final Cut Studio beats the competition hands down.

On the virus front–it’s true that there aren’t many Mac viruses, but that’s just because of market share.

On the market share front–it’s true that Windows has a much larger market share, and that’s due to one blunder/good decision made years ago. While Microsoft decided to let anyone build the hardware for Windows PCs, Apple was very sure they wanted to be the only ones who manufactured Apple computers. In the end this killed them on market share, but meant that their company continues to sell computers at a profit (where the Dells and HPs are just barely making a profit on their machines, selling a comodity, Apple is still selling a luxury item, and making money doing it). Also, Apple is starting to take over the notebook sector, selling more and more laptops while Dell sells less and less. Who knows where this goes over the next year or two, but Apples looking more and more like a contender nowadays. Windows isn’t necessarily winning because people like it (ask 10 people if they like Windows and tell me how many people actually like it as an OS), but there are a lot of factors that keep it on top.

That said, I think they both have their strengths. From my experience, I would say Macs are much more stable, and though they have less software, they software they do have tends to be consistent, easy to use, well thought out, and feature-rich. No, you can’t build your own Mac from scratch (without a lot of hacking) but it means that everything works together.

On the other side, PCs may be less stable and more prone to issues/viruses/malware/etc, but there’s a lot more software written for them. The software tends to be lower quality, but if you’re willing to look around and pay for good software, you can get pretty much anything done on a PC. If you’re a gamer, a PC is the way to go. If you like to constantly fiddle with your computer, a PC is the way to go. If you do certain types of CAD, a PC is often the way to go (I use SolidWorks which is an industrial design-oriented CAD application that only runs on Window).

For me, I got sick of tinkering with my computer all the time. I got sick of things constantly breaking because the new software I installed had conflicts with other software I have installed. I got sick of things always feeling like they could be done just a little bit better… so now I’m seriously considering a Mac. But it’s certainly not for everyone.

On the up-side, even if I decide to switch back, the new Macs run Windows better than a Dell :slight_smile:

You made some really great points there, Chris… For me, not being a very technical person, I don’t want an unstable system. I don’t want to spend all of my time troubleshooting and wondering if my system is going to crash like I did with my laptop…

Here’s one reason I love Macs so much:
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71000 Windows Viruses - 0 Mac OS X Viruses

Hey Valerie,

I never owned a Mac and have never had a virus…Thank god for anti-virus updates for the PC.

I did happen to find 1 Mac Virus though…