Just submitted a new app to the App Store...


May take a few weeks for Apple to approve it. I know they’re backed up. An Android version is on its way, too!

In fact, I’m replying from the app on my iPhone right now!

Eh…get Apple and their propitiatory crud off your brain.
You could have just put it on Android with no worshiping needed.

Android is better.
More choice+ more freedom.
My EVO LTE is a bigger screen and 50% more powerful processor.

Chris, if you come up with a good reason you can submit an expedited review. I can get approved through this process in 48 hours. They’ll accept my reasons about 50% of the time. https://developer.apple.com/appstore/contact/appreviewteam/index.html

Androids great, takes 10 minutes and your app is up.

That’s great, thanks Chris. Apple rocks!!!


You’re sounding like a broken record, Bob. I get it—you like Android better. Most of our members, don’t, though. iOS represents more than double the visitors to NACHI.ORG than Android. It only makes sense to release the iPhone version first, as it’s going to be used by far more people.

Android is better.

Apple products suck… nothing where you would expect it to be, crap (like a stupid X2 speed increaser on the font of my iPod) where you don’t want it. Apple engineers should be banned for life from designing any products for the public.

(except for their Macbook Air laptop… excellent machine)

Never mind ,you are looking through apple colored glasses Chris.
Bet more visitors came here through aol 10 years ago as well…:)Apple is great for art though however my understanding is that business runs on windows and the members are business men.
If the app is more for the school age kids that surf the web I fully understand.

Let me know when Apple develops a cloud based Camera.Like this one being sold at Best Buy:http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Nikon+-+Coolpix+S800c+16.0-Megapixel+Digital+Camera+-+Black/6498692.p?id=1218747999203&skuId=6498692&ref=30&loc=KW-1267&s_kwcid=TC|8113|%2Bnikon%20%2Bs800c||S|b|13161304719S800c
with the superior imaging power of a Nikon Point-and-Shoot camera and all the capabilities of an Android smart device

I love it when you show an Apple fan why some feature on an Apple product isn’t very intuitive. They always reply… “you just don’t know how it works.” LOL!

Ha ha
I simply love deprogramming the FanBoy i phone cultists.

What bugs me is not that their products run smoothly because they do but that they stifle comp in the market place and deciding for consumers what they can or can not get such as ‘flash’ forces the cultists into their idea of the tech Universe.

Not much different from the BlackBerry craze in which that company decided for consumers that the internet was not important except for emails and texting.

Now what did Dom say about helping Chris get it on the Android Market place in 10 minutes…looking at my watch but do not see it yet.
Apple like Son ?

I think android may be a bigger marlet, espacially now that windows in releasing its own tablet ( I think it’ll be android maybe windows mobile if thats still around). I find that IOS is different, you are forced to be linrear with the usage where android you can manupulate systems and directories in more than one way (like opening a file ffom the file directory or the software used to use it) where IOS you only have one way to do things.

I did convert to IOS, on my mobile device, but there are lots of things it doesnt do as well, and otheres that are much better. I thinks it is a whatever you’re happy with type of thing. if you are a gizmo guy stick with android as updates come out more often, if no apple may be the way to go as you only see an update like once per year.

my 2 cents on the matter.

Actually Microsoft surface is just being released this weekend and does not use Android.
They have their own ecosytem of apps and the other version is windows 8 based which is the one I would want.That version is due before Christmas.

A) And as a consequence, the FBI doesn’t have to issue warnings about iPhone viruses, like they do for Android. It’s true that Apple has stifled the need for anti-virus and anti-malware software. Boy, are we missing out.

B) Flash for mobile is dead. They’re not making it any more. And the world is a better place.

Also, funny that you should mention the Coolpix S800c, as it’s a perfect example of a major problem with Android. Android is currently at version 4.1, but the Nikon (which just came out), is running 2.3—a version released in 2010! In fact, 55% of all Android devices are still running 2.3. Less than 2% are running 4.1.

In comparison, over 60% of all iPhone users upgraded to the latest version of the OS—version 6.0—less than one month after it was released.

Why is that? Is it that Apple users are so vehemently loyal that they upgrade immediately to get the new features? Well, maybe. But it’s also because they can. Most Android phones can’t upgrade, regardless of whether their owners want to. That EVO that you have is running Android 4.0. You’re lucky enough to have a phone that will probably be upgraded to 4.1 eventually, but most aren’t (including owners of that Nikon camera).

Why does this matter? From a developer’s perspective, this means that you’re forced to support at least 6 different versions of the platform if you want to cover most consumers. Then you have to support at least 4 screen sizes, and 4 different pixel densities. That’s about 100 different types of devices. It’s a mess.

Developing for iPhone is easier and more rewarding. The extra time it takes to go through the approval process is nothing compared to all that extra work. And the approval process means that consumers don’t have to worry about viruses, or malware, or software that will steal and sell their customer’s info.

Nick’s version of intuitive is much different than other people’s. We have a printer that displays “out of paper in tray 3” when it runs out of paper—it even has a little animation that shows which tray that is and how to remove it—and Nick just yells, “this printer isn’t working again!”

Cool deal Chris!

Thanks Chris

That is the first generation on the camera and a Samsung 4.1 version is on the way.
This brings up another point.
You have one iphone ,no screen size choice,no features choice,etc while Android has 200 kinds to pick from with some being better than others and priced to fit your needs rather than dictated.:stuck_out_tongue:

My video and still shot camera has much better capability than i phone as well by the way…look it up.My phone also upgrades by the way and it all depends on devise as to if it is capable.

Love that new imap by the way…lol

I don’t see too many apple users bashing android but android users…

Cool looking forward to a Droid app…