Question to ask client when booking an inspection

Hi All;

I am just starting out, and am looking for guidance on what questions to ask clients / agents when they call to book an inspection. I’m thinking questions like:

Is the power on?
Is the house occupied?
Are there pets in the home?

Are there any other questions you recommend asking?

Search the forum for some questionnaire templates. I have combined a few, added some info and removed some info. Then just tailor it to your needs. Additional services (mold,radon etc) utilities on, price agreed to etc. No need to make it more than you need. You will find that you will change it as you go along.

It’s not necessarily a question but tell the agents to tell the home owner to make sure that any restrictions that prevents you from accessing a crawl space and attic hatch be removed from that area.

Good day. What date would you like to book the inspection.
That’s the most important question.
KISS. Keep It Simple Student.

The address of the building to inspect is more important. I don’t ask client what date they prefer for the inspection but rather tell them what I have available :grinning:

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Ask a lot of questions where the answer is “yes”. Keep getting them to say yes. If it’s a realtor, work in words like “closing,” “close on the deal”, and “transaction.” If you can do that and still get all the up front info you need, you’d be giving yourself a leg up. Psychology 101.

Address of home; contact info-phone, email; age of home; sq footage of home; slab, crawlspace, basement?; name of realtor; utilities on?; occupied?; specific concerns?; time frame given for inspection?
Those are some of things I ask. I always follow a client information form I developed for every client that calls. One extra piece of advice—Keep your conversation friendly and casual. You don’t want to come across as too clinical.

Much of the information about the home I find on google. If is it currently listed, you will also find many interior/exterior pictures. Even if is is not listed, you can still, google still have information on the address.
I have my own quote form questions I use when I am first asked to quote. On some of the larger houses I do (5000 sq ft+) I usually tell the client or agent, I will get back to them with a price in the hour. That gives me a chance to google it and review the information.
As Scott said, be friendly, casual and professional. This is when you are wearing your sales hat!