Need a home pre-inspection form

Not sure if any one has a form they can share that they use when a customer calls to book an inspection. I am trying to put one together but If and when someone calls I want to make sure I ask the right questions and get the necessary information. So far I have not had any inspections but have been handing out flyers and cards to the local realtors out here in Surprise Arizona. Thank you Guys Ken Austin

Ken the form will contain what YOU set as a model. Are you charging by Sq foot? Price of home? Are you performing other services such as Radon, Termite, Mold? Can you legally perform these in your state? Do you charge extra for old homes? What about historical homes? Is there a crawlspace and are you charging more for it? I can go on and on and on…the process starts with you and your company model…


  • House Square Footage?
  • House Age?
  • Slab or Crawl Space?
  • Any detached structures inspected?
  • Is the home in distress or poor condition? (Add $25.00 min.)
  • Location?
  • Siding type.
  • Is the house occupied?
  • Are utilities on?
  • Termite inspection?
  • Home warranty (90 day for buyer / 120 for sellers)?
  • Water sample? (Water $50 extra if at lab after 3:00 on Thursday.)
  • Radon sampled?
  • Give Price Quote
  • Client Name and phone number?
  • Client email address for confirmation.
  • Realtor name and phone number?
  • Realtor email address for confirmation.
  • Give instructions on obtaining Agreement.
  • Will client be in attendance?
  • How will inspector gain access to the property?
  • Set date and time.

Better yet, instead of re-inventing the wheel try

Hi Russell,

The form Michael Boyett sent looks pretty good, I think I can copy it into word and modify it and then save it again as a PDF. Right not I do charge by the size of the house an s only additional services are pool and Spa, Same price for age of house. Thank you all for you responses

email me and i will send you mine