Appointment Scheduler

When are we going to see the ability to have Agents and Clients order their own inspections on the New Appointment Scheduler, the same way they can using the Old Scheduler?

:oops: Don’t hold your breath!

So if you are a one man operation the public scheduler feature where they can book your time slots should be available by the end of January!! This will be for time slots only. Its the baby steps we are starting to roll out:

1st release in January : One person operation public scheduling by time slots (i.e. 9 am, 1 pm and 4 pm) or whatever you choose. Currently we have dynamic time scheduling based on the time you assigned for a service but this will be for “Request an inspection” the way it is now.

2nd release will be mutli inspector firms dynamic time scheduling for public scheduling along with one man operations.

Are you going to include an option to request an estimate or only the option to schedule an inspection?

Currently we allow the option for the customer to see your services/prices and request an inspection. Soon, we will allow them to book a time slot by slots at first. They will also be able to see your services/prices if you set it up that way.

Is there something different you are asking?

Yes, the problem I have with ISN is they only offer the option to schedule an inspection. I receive many incomplete requests, emails or phone calls as the potential client gets into the process and perceives that they are committing to an inspection when they only want an estimate so they don’t finish the request.

I don’t want my fees listed or visible as a potential client will only compare listed prices which are not always the same from company to company. Additionally sometimes you just need more information to provide and accurate price.

The concept here is if they are interested they will complete the request and provide basic information which then you can call or respond too.

The first question it should ask is " Do you want to get an estimate or schedule an inspection?" Followed by a buttons labeled ESTIMATE SCHEDULE.

Its basically the same process but imparts a different level of commitment

Just take a look at this national franchise inspection companies front page

HouseMaster Home Inspections of Belmont

What happend to the new appointment scheduler that was being beta tested?

We have a group of inspectors who participated in the beta on our Schedule Now feature. Many of them had similar feedback to change the order and show availability sooner. So we are redoing that part of the code. It was good feedback and will be slicker than whats out there now.

When can we expect the new scheduler?

This is fairly easy to do with ISN. Simply remove your services from the online scheduler. Now the client cannot see your prices, and only give you the information that you need.

John when the system asks the potential client to select a date they feel that this is a commitment and they are scheduling the inspection. ISN could easily correct or change this but they chose to ignore the request and go with the mob mentality for upgrades.

Just check your incomplete inspections and see how many are not fully completed and abandoned part way through the process.

I make client phone number a requirement for the form.
If it is partially filled out I make sure to call and see if I can answer any questions and get thier inspection scheduled

When can we expect the new scheduler with dynamic scheduling times? I have been asking this question for over 4 years, even before Homegauge moved this forum. Four years ago I was lambasted by Russel, because I dared to criticize the time line offered. I stated then, that 2019 looked more realistic. Well it is soon to be 2019 and still no new scheduler for one man shops like me. So tell me please, when will we see this new scheduler that you have promised all these years. I’m sure American Family has a few bucks to kick in if thats what is needed. I would go to ISN but they do not have the Dynamic time scheduling. That one feature is the only reason I still use the Old Scheduler. My Realtors and clients love that flexibility.

Hi Gary,
I don’t remember lambasting you. I have been wrong or inaccurate a few times and I apologize if I was giving you “harsh criticism.” Usually I get the lambasting around here :wink:

But you are correct after all. 2019 looks more realistic. But I will say the first quarter of 2019. We were almost complete with it, but a beta group wanted to re arrange how much work the buyer or agent has to do before they see the slot. We thought it would be best to change it. Unfortunately it caused a lot of changes to the code. It will be more friendlier to your customer or agent than other scheduling software out there.

Of course we have many one man operations using it now as “request” an inspection and the new feature you want is in progress and not to much to go.

I would like to added to the beta test team when it’s really for testing.