Question about business scheduler?

I’ve been reluctant to use the business scheduler and allow online scheduling, but i’m wanting to start now. I was going through and setting everything up and was wondering if I can control time slots that people can choose? It looks to me that when you try to book an inspection it will allow you to pick it at any time of the day? I usually do a 9am and 1pm. Is there any way to make it so people can’t just randomly pick like 11am or 12pm and screw up my whole schedule for the day? Thanks for any help!

Yes you can set time slots. But before you get to deep on this scheduler, we are about ready to release our new Appointment Manager which is super easy to set up and use. We are going to give it out to the beta testers next week and release hopefully a week or so after that. So within 30 days seems very likely and probable.

The old scheduler will be hidden from new users and put on life support.

That will be awesome. I actually already set everything else up, just need to get the time slots right, so in the meantime until the new one is ready, do you have a link to instructions on how to do the time slots? Thanks Russell. I’m having my website redone, so I want to get the online booking setup and then can just switch the link or button when the new one is activated.

You may need to call in if you can’t figure it out, but I will first ask you to read #4 and #5 of this help file on why you don’t need rigid time slots and can maximize your day

But to manually set your time slots you still have to work with the clock. So you would need to make your service (0-1000 square feet or 0 to 2000 square feet etc.) the same amount say 3 hours each. Then add 30 minutes between for driving. Then set your hours in the day say 2 times in one day (9 to 12) (1 to 4) . Then if someone tried to schedule at an off time there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to do it which would push them back or forward to get the time slot that you wanted them to take.

Ok, that makes sense on how to set it up. I read about the inflexible time slots you linked to the other day. The thing i’m worried about is depending on the house and how bad it is, sometimes a damn 1500 sq ft house takes me longer than a 3000 sq ft house and I also need to be done before 5pm so I can pick my son up from daycare, so if I set my hours from 9 (can’t do earlier because I have to drop him off in the morning) to 5 and let’s say my typical up to 2000 sq ft inspection I set at 3 hours to be safe and make sure I have enough time so that i’m not late to a second inspection, what happens if someone decides to schedule at noon? Can’t get an inspection done before it, can’t get an inspection done after it so i’m stuck with just the 1 for the day unless I get lucky and have a couple of wind mits or 4 points schedule in the before or after slots. That’s the only thing i’m worried about and is actually one of the reasons i’ve stayed away from using the scheduler and making it available for people to make their own appointments, but everyone keeps telling me I need to have the ability for people to schedule online on their own, so i’m thinking about adding it.

Set up available time for start at 9 and end at 12 and add another start time at 1pm and end at 4pm. If all your services 'time amounts" are 3 hours, then I don’t see how they can schedule anything except at 9 and 1

Yup, I got it, was just thinking out loud basically in the last post, lol! Thanks Russell!

Your welcome. The new appointment manager will be easier to set up and manage.

Sweet, can’t wait for it to be available!