Gas Range Receptacle

An adapter was used to be able to plug a 120V gas stove into an electric stove 240V receptacle. Breakers in panel are still 40A…Is this acceptable? Me say no!

It seems that would mean that there is no grounding conductor to the panel…potential safety hazard. :shock:

Grounding should be there, my concern is a 40A breaker protecting that 14/16 gauge wire.

I think that it’s safe to assume that the range manufacturer put a 15 amp plug on the end of that cord because there will be a 15 or 20 amp OCPD protecting the range not a 40 amp.

Adapter has fuse protection installed .

That was my next step, to check available adapter. Thanks everyone!

Show me the NRTL Mark or if in Canada the CSA Mark…otherwise nope…don’t like it.

Power adapter for gas ranges. Safely converts 220V to 110V legally and easily.
There is no needto install a new outlet if you are switching from electric to gas ranges,simply plug this converter in and you are done.
Item has abuilt-in 15amp fuse for safety. CSA Approved.
The [FONT=Roboto]48300 Gas Range PowerAdapter is a stocked item and ready to be shipped to you today.[/FONT]

Well Then…You Crazy Canadians

All it does is run the clock/display and maybe the igniters.

LOL…like I said…You Crazy Canadians…Hey it has an NRTL Mark then I’m good with it.

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