Arizona BTR considering lowering home inspector licensing fees at tomorrows meeting.

Gosh nick, where have you been…thats old news from almost a year ago…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously… If your an AZ inspector it can help if you attend to make your position known on this welcome change…

Yes but the agenda was only just ammended. I’m personally opposed to it anyway.

Its a $700 plus savings for AZ inspectors over 3 yrs…What the heck are you opposed to. :roll: :roll:

I’m opposed to Arizona lowering fees and tricking consumers into thinking there is licensing (you know, with annual continuing education requirements and something other than the “everyone passes” exam), when in fact all AZ has is very low bar registration with no annual CE requirements whatsoever.

If they can’t afford to adopt annual CE requirements and stop tricking consumers, perhaps they should raise fees instead of lowering them.

Considering this is coming from someone that makes $s on CE, [free or not] I figured you would have some wise a-- reply.:mrgreen:
Fact is AZ lic requirements far exceed any HI org requirements with out the CE requirement.

If an inspector doesn’t realize that he or she needs CE, cannot or fails to get quality CE without being required, that inspector deserves to be sued out of business…

Agreed, and unfortunately in AZ that is the only way to get them out of the business, as a state licensed inspector in AZ can merrily go around for years without taking so much as 20 minutes of CE… all legally.

Most of the CE’s I have sat in on over the years actualy seem to suck some of the knowledge out of me.

I don’t follow up on the exact details every states requirements. I know that Arizona has licensing, but I’m surprised they don’t require continuing education. Since all the associations require CE anyways, it seems like it would be required by the state. Sounds like both of you guys have good points, lower fees is good, requiring some sort of CE is good. Can’t we all just get along, lol.

I actually had an inspector today who was buying Home Inspector Pro and was talking to me about joining NACHI (as they get a discount after buying our software) but he was concerned about spending 24 hours a year on education (1/2 a week). I sent Nick a instant message just asking how to respond to him. Nick’s reply was something like ‘if he can’t handle 24 hours, he needs to find another job, all the associations require it.’

Hahaha, that would be a problem! Sounds like some of the teaching courses I used to have to go to.

What Dominic says actually took place this morning. And I told the fella to find another job if he can’t do 24 hours a year even with all the free, online education at

I think the state of AZ should tell their entire state the same.

Think what ever you want Nick, ain’t gonna happen. :smiley:

No real need for Colorado Master Inspecters here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear that!!

I guess that’s why the “R” in BTR stands for Registration… not licensing.

We are Certified here in AZ Nick, not Licensed.
Hmmmm Certified Home Inspectors, has a nice ring to it don’t cha think. :wink:

Some “no annual CE requirements whatsoever” certifications give other certifications a bad name.

And some don’t.