Armor Screen

Has anyone ever see Armor Screen.
Is it compliant?

I’ve seen it and am pretty sure it is. go to their site and look or call them tomorrow and ask for NOA.

There is 1 not so good Google review.
I’ve seen it many times & it is rated “H”.
I’ve heard that if left deployed for a while after a storm the sun UV light can degrade it.
Who knows for sure?

“This company is being sued for failures in Martin County. They claim its stronger than steel. In reality its $0.17 a sq ft trampoline fabric that they sell for $18.00 a sq ft. What a scam.”

Miami Dade NOA

I can’t download any PDF from this forum today

I does have a product approval, but most of the time it is installed improperly. There has to be a huge deflection factor for it to be effective, so it usually has to be installed on an angle. I would not pass it without first comparing the installation instructions against the NOA.

It seems to be a nachi error.

Here is the link:

You should be able to download it from there Roy.