ASHI finally agrees to work to eliminate any public claim that they are the largest.

We are giving ASHI, their chapters, and their members time to correct their websites, brochures, etc.

Read ASHI’s concession letter from their attorney:

Congratulations Nick, you and Chris worked hard to achieve this.

Outstanding and it’s nice to see you’re working with those people who are not members instead of taking a financial recourse against them. Many will see that and opt to join the best and largest :wink:

As for Angie. She accept the dinner invitation yet? lol

Thanks Nick.

wow Nick, you did it!

Thank you, but all the credit goes to the hardest-working staff in the world.

Now I’m finally going to do something I haven’t done in years… I’m taking a vacation.

This is really huge news! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick, Chris, Ben, Lisa, and all the rest of us have been rowing hard in the same direction for a long time to make sure that InterNACHI is the recognized leader in the inspection industry for providing accredited education, support and benefits to its thousands of members all over North America, with chapters around the world.

When even the competition has to concede it, we can finally, rightfully claim the distinction of being the largest–as well as the best!–inspection association.

Thanks, Nick, for your vision and leadership–we’ve made it!

I know that Gerry Beaumont is watching this thread from heaven. Congratulations Gerry!

Nick what about Angie? Any word?

Mark our legal counsel is busily finding all internet references to ASHI being the largest… and having them erase “ASHI” and replace those references with “InterNACHI.”

Don’t tell everyone, but Florida is really nice this time of year… nod-nod, wink-wink, say no more. :blush:

If Gerry was still alive, I’d head to FL to pop some Champagne with him.

You certainly have earned it. Normally I would say something like “Michigan is lovely this time of year”… But, right now its not.
FYI, this is my hometown.

We have truly been working 7 days a week since 2007 night and day non stop. This is huge! I worked right through the delivery of my son, no break. Glad to see the huge payback with such hard work…

That is not an exaggeration either. She worked between contractions.

Anyway, it really hasn’t been close in years:

InterNACHI is the largest in terms of membership benefits:
InterNACHI has hundreds of approved courses:
InterNACHI’s website is 235,000 pages long.
InterNACHI gets almost all inspection-related traffic and has received nearly 100,000,000 hits.
InterNACHI is the largest geographically with operations around the world.
InterNACHI publishes dozens of inspection textbooks:
InterNACHI’s message board recently got its one millionth post making it the largest by far.
InterNACHI has procured about 500 vendor discounts for its members.
InterNACHI has published hundreds of inspection related articles in multiple languages:
InterNACHI has been awarded over 1,000 governmental approvals.

But now it’s official: InterNACHI is the biggest and the best!

Mark has put out a press release that he can use to have all references to ASHI being the largest erased from the internet and replaced with InterNACHI:

InterNACHI Lawsuit Part , 15. Defendant’s website, on its homepage, states, ASHI is the oldest and largest society of home inspectors in North America.”
Reply to suit:
Lawyer agrees ASHI will curb any use of claiming that ASHI is the largest non profit home inspection organization.

Just semantics but not quite the same thing, it leaves the door open to claim largest society still, with the “for profit” segment unsaid.

So are there going to be any press releases, full page announcements, etc.?

Good job on the continued growth in numbers.

Both ASHI and InterNACHI are non-profit organizations. No word games… it’s official.