(James H. Bushart) #1

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you, my fellow NACHI members, with the news that ASHI is going broke.

On March 27, a letter went out to all of their chapters requesting additional money from its chapters to help ASHI pay its bills.

I am pledging $50 from the Missouri Chapter of NACHI to help them keep afloat, and would ask that other NACHI chapters pitch in and do the same.

This is not a joke.

(Nick Wagner) #2

Why do you want to keep them solvent? What do they have to offer?

(Kenneth Lott, 001236461) #3

O.K. James, I'm confused. What's up?

(James H. Bushart) #4

(Joseph Kormos) #5

They just want to buy a new sign for the back door of their corp HQ:mrgreen:


(Robert J. Hutchinson) #6

Oh, well...I am in a financial bind as well....such is life. Charity starts at home.;)

(Frank M. Carrio, CMI) #7

If one of them catches fire I promise to provide the liquid to put them out:D

(Claude Lawrenson) #8

So is ASHI really broke - NOT. It is my general understanding that they are simply tightening up their financial position. This is often the condition of many businesses in an ever changing economy.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #9

If you have some information please share it so we all can know .

Thanks Roy Cooke

(Ben D. Kelly) #10

While your at it, show nachi's and nahi's too.

(James H. Bushart) #11

I think the shrill and cowardly response to kill the messenger is enough to say that there is more to this letter than a shortfall in insurance premiums.

You know...everyone knows...that the letter sent out was a desperate action, knowing that it would eventually turn up. No agency as fiscally sound as Scott Peterson portrays in this threadwould ever take the chance of sending that letter out.

(Claude Lawrenson) #12

Sorry - but I am not going to take posts from the ASHI forum and post them here. For as dead or dying as some may claim that ASHI and the discussion threads are - they still exist.

Certainly anyone is welcome to believe what they want - but sometimes reading too much into something maybe equally misleading too, or not necessarily based completely on ALL the facts of the matter.

(Bill Mullen) #13


Surely by now you know that this bunch wouldn't want any facts to get in the way of some good, misguided mudslinging.

I remember that Microsoft downsized their workforce by more than 5000 last year. I guess that's proof that Bill Gates will soon be shopping at Goodwill.

Bill Mullen

(James H. Bushart) #14

ASHI did not cut its large staff which draws from its dues, Bill. Instead of taking cuts, which would be a prudent and sensible approach, they solicited their chapters for additional money to pay a bill.

If you want to enlighten us with your facts, please provide some that are actually relevant.

Don't provide apples while we discuss oranges.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #15

It is unfortunate that Bill can not look at any thing done on the NACHI site with out showing his complete disdain for NACHI and its members.
He does not seem to understand that many he is talking to are also members of ASHI as well as NACHI.
Bill was great but he has changed and if you do not completely agree with him you are wrong ,no discusion he is always right and others are always wrong .
Life is so short and I try to keep a positive attitude all the time .
At least we allow others to come here to vent their thoughts.
This is not allowed on other BBs.
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

(David A. Nice, Retired) #16

And you are so concerned about what goes on at ASHI because??

(Ben D. Kelly) #17

Maybe he can't get in, with out being unethical and scamming his way in...

(David A. Nice, Retired) #18

Oooooh, I'm not taking that bait on that one but I'm betting you can read my mind.

(Keith Swift, PhD.) #19

Just Bushart confirming once again that all he is capable of is juvenile irony, snooping on the message boards of other professionals, endless nay-saying, and quite incapable of actually serving the membership with some responsible research; and to think that he's on the ethics committee. How many actual inspections has this blowhard done?

(David A. Nice, Retired) #20

I guess his promise to leave the ESOP committee long ago was just another smoke screen. At least while he is focused on his interpretation of unethical activity going on in other organizations, members here are less likely to fall victim to his accusations that are often based on skewed, incomplete and subjective research.