First ASHI going broke, then scumbag NAHI, now the Canadian associations. What's up?

Is everyone going under?

…will the last one to leave please turn out the lights?

This actually isn’t good for NACHI.

No indeed it is not good for NACHI. It has shown that NACHI will gleefully jump on any distorted, false, concocted, and fraudulent document and try to use it to discredit others. Even more telling is that the NACHI Founder and leader has chosen to lead the parade.

Nick, I was not surprised to see Raymond Wand post this piece of crap this morning, because that’s what a cretin like Raymond does. I am shocked and very disappointed that you would further distribute this document which has obviously not been checked for accuracy or origin. Despite what the gloom and doom twins, Cooke and Wand, would lead you to believe, CAHPI and OAHI are actually in very good financial condition, and I might add, membership numbers are up considerably this year.

Nick, your action throws a heavy body-check into what I considered the start of a good relationship between us.

Bill Mullen

How am I supposed to know if it is authentic? What method would you suggest I use to test document authenticity? I tried confirming with CAHPI today during business hours but no one is answering their phones.

How about this one: ?

Sure. Why wait to make sure it’s valid when you can make some points before it’s proven false?

The CAHPI phone is open. If nobody answers, leave a message.

If you want to chewck the authenticity of the document, just check the properties of the file and it verifies that none other than Raymond Wand is the author.

Bill Mullen

What are “Properties of the file” that I should check? I don’t understand what those are. Is the other one authentic?

Bill Mullen,

If Nick simply post the document and then ask
“Is everyone going under?”… are you going to
make a big deal over it?

If it is incorrect and Nick says whoops… are you
going to continue with your “heavy body-check”

You seem a littel pompous and walk with too much
of a delicate chip on your shoulder. Relationships
have to give and take a little, if you really want one.


Isn’t this what the letter says to do?:roll:

When someone emails or mails out anything in this industry, everyone sends me a copy within 30 seconds.

Hey Bill you liar, why don’t you correct the blatant mistatements in the London and Sarnia papers you bloody hypocrite!

Even CMHC has caught you in a lie,
You have misused the ASHI logo knowingly until you were reported.
You have a history of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
You have history of complaints with disgruntled clients who you screwed over and thought that was okay.
You also claimed I was breaking the by-laws and were never able to prove that either.
You also claimed you were going to sue some of us, which you never did.
You also certified your own friends!

Bill you should stop lying maybe you would gain some credibility.

As to the article I had nothing to do with it, it was sent out to many apparently. As I have said before OAHI has mistated its revenue projections! It has over stated its membership and the Registry is a sham.

Go back under your rock you snake!

I have called the OAHI office numerous times only to get voice mail! Why because the Registrar works from her home. One time I called only to hear kids screaming in the background! Very professional indeed.

Hey Billy Bob are you still going to be the keynote speaker at the Nachi convention so we can all hear you lie or like you said have you backed out.
You should have sign around your neck that says, “CAUTION WIDE LOAD”!

Better than calling NACHI and hearing Nick screaming in the background! :wink:

Hey Billy Bob
Get a grip this is no different than your Secretary of CAHPI and President of OAHI sending out letters to Nachi members who are also members of Nachi and using CHI and reporting them to ASTTBC for misuse of their trademark CHI. Well we all know now that OAHI falsely and negligently did that with malicious intent and intimidation! Don’t come here and preach to us how you and that idiot Tom Lloyd are holier than thou!

As to the finances they are not on the up and up its nice to see you supporting out right lies and known breaches of the by-laws!

ROFLMAO!!! Dang, Y’all, I can hardly see through all the tears in my eyes. Looks like some folks are getting a widdle bit touchy-touchy these days.

I was happy to learn why ASHI is going broke…high cost of insurance and depressed housing market. I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Can that be verified? Or could it really be from the :ouch: they have received from NACHI?

Whatever, I don’t know, but here’s a little something for them::-({|=

Nick, you’re a genius.

I am very convinced that it is to everyone’s advantage (even industry vendors and other associations) to confirm or dispel rumors by posting them here out in the open.

The system works.

“There is not a truth existing that I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”- Thomas Jefferson.

I am glad the truth has come out about OAHI and their financial difficulties. I have just learned that at the recent weekend conference for Realtors where Oahi had a booth that they were telling realtors that Nachi members should be licenced like OAHI members. The only problem is that OAHI does not licence anyone because its voluntary membership. Why in heaven would OAHI be telling realtors all inspectors should be licenced like OAHI members?

OAHI is great at disinformation. Heck they even include Friends of OAHI as actual members of OAHI! They are desperate to inflate their membership numbers! Overstating revenues while membership is down. Priceless! :slight_smile:

It’s been a rough year for almost all home inspection associations. NACHI is the exception.


We owe a debt of gratitude to Uncle Billy without whose help no one would come here to read the truth! You should be pleased to know that more and more members from CAHPI-OAHI are coming here to seek the truth. Truth they can’t seem to find at the other associations.

Good work Nick, keep it up!